Orgs List 2 (Episodes 8-17)
Unlike Highness and Duke Orgs and Orgettes that have one horn,
these Orgs have two horns.
Signal Org
With his green signal, he made Kakeru loose his memory. With his red signal, he shoot out fire. His yellow signal freezes people in their place. Kakeru's memory came back when they defeat Signal Org with their Hundred Beast Sword. Killed by GaoKing Spear. Briefly revived in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai', but was killed for good by GoYellow's V-Slash.
Cellphone Org
He scrambles cellphone signals and eats phones he likes. He badly hurts Gaku. He creates a barrier among the city, when the other Gaoranger go to help Gaku, they get out of their transformation and then can't transform back. Sae kicks off one of his antennaes and the barrier breaks down, enabling them to transform. Killed by GaoKing Double Knuckle. Briefly revived as a phantom in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai', but was killed for good by GaoRed's Gao Mane Buster.
Bulldozer Org Bulldozer Org brings down trees in the forest located in the past. He brings oon the arrival of Gao Gorilla and is killed by GaoMuscle. Briefly revived in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai', but was killed for good by Red Falcon's Falcon Break.
Samuari Doll Org
Yabaiba steals a Samuari Doll and Schtein makes him and Tsuetsue into the parents of this new org. Sae uses her family's technique against this one and makes her father proud. Killed by GaoMuscle, with some help from GaoTiger.
Copy Org
He could make copies of everyone, Schtein found him useless. He makes copies of the Gaorangers that had horns. A copy Sae made the team confused about which one wa s the real one. Killed by GaoMuscle, with some help from GaoElephant and GaoGiraffe.
Freezer Org
GaoMuscle severely injured Freezer Aurg and Schtein powered him up with more strength. While freezing GaoMuscle, he overloads and destroys himself.
Copy Sentai Copyranger
Copy Org created these clones with horns and were killed by the special effects of the Gaorangers.
Vacuum Cleaner Org
He can suck in anything, like gold and an Orgette. He can pull in the rangers with his immense strength as well. Killed by GaoKing Sword and Shield. After that, Loki steal the Gao Elephant jewel.
Bus Org
He disguises himself as a bus. He can throw tires that explode. With his help, Loki steals Kai's Gao Giraffe jewel. Killed by GaoKing.