The Bowzock is a rebel gang who destroy planets for fun. They do not follow the rules of traffic and have targeted Earth for destruction.

They are based aboard the Baribarian, frequently hanging out at the BB saloon, a bar in the craft.

Gynamo is the leader of the Bowzock and is madly in love with Lady Zonette, he becomes jealous of other suitors such as Red Racer and once Signalman. He is somewhat respected amongst is bethren, but he is overthrown twice during the series. Once by Ritchihiker, and another time by Exhaus. During those times, he worked at a restaurant on Earth. At the end of the series, he returned to his job at the restaurant. His name is a pun on the word dynamo.

Zelmoda is the second in command of the Bowzock, and Gynamo's friend. His main weapon is a sword, made up of playing cards. He often travels to Earth on the octopus jar, supplied with Wumpers. After Exhaus is killed, Zelmoda and Grotch helped work at Gynamo's resturant while attending elementary school on Earth for education. His name is a pun on the word motor.

Grotch is the Bowzock's inventor, responsible for many of their arsenal. He is the one who supplies the Gorotsuki with the imo-youkan that makes them grow. He discovered the imo-youkan by accident when he once rebelled against the Bowzock, and tried to destroy the Carrangers himself while eating at a store called Imocho. Fortunately for him, the imo-youkan he ate had expired and wore off before either he or the Carrangers could do harm to each other. At the end of the series, he and Zelmoda helped work at Gynamo's restaurant and attends elementary school. His name is a pun of the word clutch.

Lady Zonnette
As a member of Bowzock, she used her femininity and Gynamo's crush on her, to her advantage. She fell madly in love with Red Racer after seeing him in action and as time passed on, she fell for the man behind the shiny red helmet. In Episode 25, Gynamo uses her heirloom necklace to power the Zokuranger's own Zokuren Bazooka. Radiata Fanbelt discovered the necklace resembled her own and confronted Zonnette in Episode 34 because she is her big sister. At the end of the series, she is purified and resumed her true-form, Vanity Mirror Fanbelt, returning to her home planet for an arranged marriage. She turns all her suiters down since Red Racer is still in her heart. She returned during the finale and talked Gynamo into teaming up with the Carrangers.

Full Name: Bausougoutei Egujosu (Reckless Dash Emperor Exhaus)
He is the big bad boss, he first appears in Episode 36 because he believes the Bowzock are doing a bad job trying to destroy the Earth. His ultimate plan was to build a giant expressway across the Milky Way, and to the Earth was in the way. Exhaus kidnapped Dappu and tried to drain his Carmagic Power to use for his own robots, turning it into Akumagic Power, but his plan backfired when Dappu overloaded the robots with power.

Exhaus Super-Strong
After absorbing all the evil energies of the entire universe, he gained a new form and no longer needed the Bowzock and betrayed them. Exhaus sent a flaming Baribarian hurtling toward Earth, but Carrangers crashed the Baribarian into Exhaus. He was then weaken and shrunken with expired imo-youkan given to him by Gynamo and was ultimately destroyed by Carrangers.

"Evil Director of Human Resources" was hired by Gynamo to destroy Carrangers in Episode 16. Ritchihiker apparently was an old enemy of Signalman's. He served as the mastermind who devised the plans to deal with the Carrangers and Signalman. He is the one who read up on the Wild Cars and sent WW Waritcho to excavate them out of a meteorite in Episode 20. He flirted with Zonnette occasionally, but backed down whenever Gynamo noticed.

In Episode 28, Ritchihiker was struck with bolt of pure evil energy at Bowzock festival meant to be for Ichitarou Tenma, who Zelmoda kidnapped. He was badly charred and then wrapped up in bandages. He had terrible vision of Braking and took off his bandages, revealing his powered up form of RitchiRitchihiker. he kicked out Gynamo and Zonette and assumed command of the Bowzock. He used Braking to capture RV Robo, and dies in destruction of Braking due to VRV Robo in Episode 31.

Wumpers are the Bowzock's minions in various pastel colors. Dispensed from Zelmoda's octopus jar. Can spray ink from mouths and drive Wumpapper motorcycles and cars. They come in the colors green, pink, blue, and white. White are the rarest seen of the Wumpers, they were often the butt of a quick gag.

These are the denizens and solicators of the BB Saloon in the Baribarian, who are all members of the Bowzock. The one to the right is JJ Jetton, the two to the right and the turkey were the Zokurangers in episode 25. They continued to occupy the saloon and help the Bowzock in any way they could.