VRV Robo
Weapons: V Guns, small hand guns
Attacks: Victory Twister, a barrage using V Bazooka and V Vulcan, borrowed from Victrailer. With RV Robo, VRV Robo does a combo final attack called the RV Sword Twister Cutter. VRV Robo was destroyed in the finale.

VRV Machines
'VRV' stands for Victory Ranger Vehicles. They were given to Carrangers by VRV Master, when the RV Robo was abducted by Bowzock during Dappu's hibernation. They are vehicles that transform into individual robots called the VRV Fighters and are housed and carried by Victrailer.

V Fire:
Red's fire truck, transforms into Fire Fighter, armed with giant fire extinguisher. It reappeared in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai to help out.

V Police:
Blue's police car, transforms into Police Fighter, armed with Police Siren Sonic.

V Dump:
Green's dump truck, carries iron balls, transforms into Dump Fighter. Its bucket carries large iron balls, which are dumped in front of enemies to make them slip and fall.

V Dozer:
Yellow's dragster whose spoilers become a bulldozer bucket. V Dozer transforms into Dozer Fighter.

V Rescue:
Pink's ambulance armed with launching giant hypodermic needle, transforms into Rescue Fighter.