Yoko Yagami, Pink Racer
Full Name: Yoko Yagami
Ranger Designation: Pink Racer
Weapons: Bumper Bow, Viblade sword
Gear: Accelchanger, Speeder Machine
Mecha: Pink Vehicle, V Rescue

Yoko Yagami is nineteen years old, secretary at Pegasus Garage, calculated the expenses and payroll. She frequently consults magazine fortune-telling articles to predict her future. She dreams of becoming an idol someday and marrying a rich husband, and has a terrible sense of direction. She is very conscious about her weight because she loves to eat sweets. In Episode 11, at seeing how good Natsumi in a swimsuit, Yoko started to look down at her own self-image and her self-esteem decreased when a TV Gossip anchor commented that Pink Racer was fat. She decides to loose weight, but expects too much at once. She was adamant at calculating how much weight she could loose. Because she is unable to loose one pound and she blamed PP Rappa, who manipulated numbers. In Episode 21, she and Natsumi created the Car Navick to track down AA Abanba. But it didn't work at first, Youko weeped. Her tears is what activated the Car Navick. Her attacks included Wheel Spin Kick, Wheel Spin Shield technique, Pink Flying Attack, Pink Giant Swing, Pink Bomb Punch of Anger, and Viblade Returning Wiper (deflecting squirted liquid with her Viblade).