Minoru Uesugi, Green Racer
Full Name: Minoru Uesugi
Ranger Designation: Green Racer
Weapons: Engine Cannon, Viblade sword
Gear: Accelchanger, Speeder Machine
Mecha: Green Vehicle, V Dump

Minoru Uesugi was 24 years old, a bumbling salesman at Pegasus. While practicing victory poses after a fight, he once lost his Accel Bracelet and almost lost his Green Racer powers forever. In Episode 26, he mixed up a box containing a powerful weapon, the Giga Booster, with another one containing a baby cradle to be shipped to Hokkaido, and had to chase a delivery truck all the way to Hokkaido along with Signalman and his boss' son to get the Giga Booster back. When Minoru was a child, he was electro-shocked while fishing for eels during a lightning storm, and has been afraid of thunder ever since. After Dappu tricked him into eating an electric eel, however, he overcame his fear. He fought for the leadership of Carrnager with Kyousuke in Episode 24. He also befriended the Bowzock OO Batton in Episode 40, but was betrayed when Batton revealed his true nature and turned on the Carrangers. His main attack is the Pit-In Dive attack.