RV Robo
The five Car-like mecha called the Ranger Vehicles created by Dappu when he infused his Carmagic power into the Carranger's dream cars. They are normally stored at Pegasus Garage until the command "Ranger Vehicles!" is given. When the command "Racing Fusion!" RV Robo was destroyed in the finale, but appeared again for Megaranger vs. Carranger, and its power helped to power up GaoKing in Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai.

Height: 55m Weight: 7500t
Weapons: RV Sword and Radial Shield
Attacks: Plugnado Spark beam, Racing Slash, Violent Dash Cut (finisher), Yellow Vehicle Kick, Yellow Vehicle Spin Kick, Pink Vehicle Punch and RV Hairpin Kick

Ranger Vehicles
Modeled after Carrangers' dream cars:
Blue Vehicle, Red Vehicle, Yellow Vehicle, Pink Vehicle, and Green Vehicle

Red Vehicle is based on a race car, Blue Vehicle on a 4x4 pickup, Green Vehicle is based on a Minivan, Yellow Vehicle is a SUV, and Pink Vehicle is a compact car.

Scramble Intersection Robo
Blue Vehicle, Red Vehicle can combine with the V Dump, V Dozer, V Rescue to form a different type of Robo. "Super Emergency Fusion!" is called to do so. The robot formed with the RV Robo's torso and the VRV Robo's limbs can use the Victrailer weaponry, and the Victory Twister finishing attack.