Dappu is one of the few survivors of the planet Hazard, which was attacked and ultimately destroyed by the Bowsock. Dappu is young and sometimes he is selfish and adamant. Ultimately, he misses his friends and family, especially his parents, who he dreams about from time to time. He is the keeper of the 'Carrmagic' power, which he gives to the five Pegasus Garage employees. The Carrangers' power is dependant on their friendship with Dappu, he calls forth their vehicles through the his necklace. Until Episode 19, he wore a brown cloak, because he was zapped with a gun that made him undress uncomfortably. This forced him to wear modern civlian clothes throughout the series and in 'Megaranger VS. Carranger.' His race, the Hazardians, have a period of time in which they must hibernate. When Dappu was hibernating, VRV Master arrived and gave the team the VRV Machines. Later it was revealed VRV Master is his father. Sometimes he can be very on point, for example in Episode 37 he was more concerned about their duties than the Carrangers, who were a bit overconfident.

Souichirou and Yoshie Tenma
Souichirou is the owner of the Pegasus Garage and boss of the Carranger, since they work there. They hide Dappu from him. Tenma is Japanese for Pegasus. He often butt heads with Kyousuke. He took the gang to a vacation resort from Episodes 18 and 19. He and his wife Yoshie in Episode 27 were very distraut when the Bowzock kidnapped their son and urged Signalman to save him.

Ichitarou is Souichirou's son and is often a target of the Bowzock and mostly because he is close friends with Signalman. He missed him very much when he left for his home planet and visited Kobaan Base frequently. Ichitarou serves as Signalman's surrogate son. In Ep. 22, he was kidnapped by CC Chakkoo and almost made into a Bowzock because Signalman had to follow traffic rules. In Ep. 27, he was kidnapped by Zelmoda. In Ep. 28, he was to be hit by a evil lighting and his life was to be sucked out only to leave a skeleton, but he was saved by the Carranger and Signalman.

Speed King Max
The 'Speed King of Space,' was a champion space car racer who Dappu looked up to. Everyone thought he died crashing into a vending machine in space. What really happen was that he crashed landed on a place and encountered Zelmoda and Grotch. Grotch brainwashed and deformed him using Forgetfulness Water-Gun, making him into KK Esu. Once he returned to his original self, he died protecting Dappu from Zelmonda. Dappu sat next to his corpse on RV Robo's hand as his spirit went to heaven. He only appeared in Episode 9.

Radiata Fanbelt
She is the younger sister of Lady Zonnette, and a huge fan of the Carrangers. With magic, she dons an outfit modeled after them and calls herself the 'White Racer.' With her wand, she not only can make her white racer outfit, she can also make other outfits and shapeshift. She arrives in Episode 25 and assists the Carranger with the Zokuranger. She is captured by the Zokuranger and held hostage. When she sees the Carranger in pain, she shapeshifts herslf into Gynoma and fools the Zokuranger to free her. When the Zokuranger are destroyed, she notices the red crystal necklace used to power their bazooka. It resembled her blue crystal. In Episode 34, she confronted her sister Zonnette in a bar on planet Saturn. She drives her Radiacar, which later become a robot. She was armed with Riddle Bombs which detonate if enemy doesn't know answer to one of her riddles. She transforms by saying "Tiramisu, konjac, mille-feuille". She tried to play match-maker between her sister and Red Racer but failed. Nevertheless, she called Red Racer 'big brother' until the end of the series. She was played by two different actresses.

Signalman is a intergalactic policeman assigned to Earth, where he arrives in Episode 12. He is from the Police Planet, where he left behind his wife Sigue and son Sigtarou. He can sometimes be more of a hindurance than a help to the Carranger, because of his intense training in the rules of traffic. Signalman stays at the Kobaan Base, a small Police booth, which he transports to many parts throughout the city of Japan. He was more of a hindrance than assistance to the Carrangers, because of his intense compliance to traffic safety laws. He left Earth in Episode 28 and returned to his homeworld to spend time with his family. When he was gone, his Kobaan Base collected spider webs. He discovered his homeworld was polluted by five-colored exhaust. The exhaust, which was really caused by Exhaus, distorted his mind to believe the Carrangers were behind it. In Episode 35, he returned to Earth to perform police brutality on them, and joined the Bowzock, where Zonnette flirted with him. Fortunately, the Carrangers managed to restore him to normal by tricking him into drinking natural mineral water.

Sigue and Sigtarou
Signalman's son Sigtarou sent him a letter in Episode 27, saying he missed him. Signalman began to miss his son terribly. In this episode the Carranger first discover Signalman left behind a family on his homeworld the planet of Police. He was seperated from his wife Sigue, who appeared in flashbacks in Episodes 27, 35, and 36. She appeared in episode 36, tending to her son Sigtarou, who fell ill due to the five-colored exhaust created by Exhaus that polluted their planet. The Carranger sent natural mineral water to cure young Sigtarou.

VRV Master
He is known as the 'Lone Wolf of Space,' he suudennly appeared while Dappu was in hybernation. VRV Master gave the Carrangers the VRV Machines after the Bowzock stole their RV Robo. It was later revealed that VRV master was actually Dappu's father. He was addicted to coffee milk, which was the reason why he wasn't in hibernation himself. VRV Master's headquarters is underneath Tokyo Dome, where the Victrailer is stored.

Vanity Mirror Fanbelt
Vanity Mirror is Zonnette's real name. She is a Radietta's older sister. At the end of the series, she becomes purified and resumed her true-form. She returned to her home planet, where she is a princess, for an arranged marriage. Even though she turns down all her suitors since Red Racer is still in her heart. She returned during the finale and convinced Gynamo into teaming up with the Carrangers.