Natsumi Shinohara, Yellow Racer
Full Name: Natsumi Shinohara
Ranger Designation: Yellow Racer
Weapons: Side Knuckles, Viblade swords
Gear: Accelchanger, Speeder Machine
Mecha: Yellow Vehicle, V Dozer

Natsumi Shinohara is nineteen years old, genius mechanic at Pegasus Garage, able to fix any machine (even a television and her Accellular) in minutes. She uses legendary wrench given to her by owner of garage she visited as a child. Her wrench was stolen by the Bowzock MM Shuurisukii in Episode 44 and turned into his own weapon to creat a vehicle. She later learns she can still fix anything without the wrench, even thought she got it back. She is a quick-thinker, for example in Episode 10, she deivsed a way to defeat LL Onene. She tried standing up to LL Onene and her gang and was run over. Because she doesn't often show her femininity, it was surprise to Youko of how great Natsumi looked in a swimsuit in Episode 11. This ignited Youko to look down at her own self-image. In Episode 18, she was touched by a little girl who 'cried wolf' and then really needed help at the end. She told her of how boys used to tease her, when she was little. Ritchihiker shot her with a gun that made the victim take off their clothes, but she reflected it off her Accellchanger, damaging it. She was later able to fix the changer with a paperclip. She and Youko created the Car Navvick in Episode 21 in order to track down AA Abanba and save the boys. Her attacks are Checker Chop, Violent Dash Mechanic Dismantling (which dismantles enemy vehicle at superspeed).