The Gorotsuki of the Bowzock are chosen to find and fight the Carrangers, based on their talents. The Gorotsuki had a habit of saying their names a lot, usually having them at the end of sentences.

When defeated, the majority of the Gorotsuki ate imo-youkan, a yellow cube-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes to grow to giant size. It has to be from a store called Imocho, because if they aren't, the consumer shrinks. An expired Imo-youkan from Imocho only enlarges the consumer for a short while until they revert back to their original size.

BB Donpa
Bowzock's music conductor, he could make cars fly around as if they were dancing, and planned to make so much noise that aliens would blow up the Earth. His plan backfired. He made so much noise aliens blew him up.
BB Donpa
He reappeared, slightly modified, in a dream Kyosuke had in Episode 9.
RR Rii
As the Bowzock's spirit hit-and-changer, he could use his hammer to make objects come to life and attack people as well as use his hammer for basic weaponry purposes. He was killed by the Formula Nova.

MM Mogu
Bowzock's biggest eater. Grotch brought him along to find out which Earth food made Bowzock enlarge. In battle, he wields a giant knife and fork. First to be killed by RV Robo. "Moguu-moguu" is the Japanese transliteration of a chewing sound.
QQ Kyuutan
Bowzock's best searcher was hired by Gynamo to find a necklace that Zonnette wanted, which turned out to not be a necklace but actually a bridge. He was in the hopes of winning her affections. In battle, he wields a giant staff with a magnifying glass on it and was killed by RV Robo.

NN Nerenko
Bowzock's best graffiti artist, who used Grotch's fattening spray to make objects explode from enlarging. In battle, he blasted lasers from the face on his helmet. He was killed by RV Robo.
KK Esu
Speed King Max was brainwashed and deformed by Grotch's Forgetfulness Water-Gun. He was named KK Esu and became the Bowzock's best dish washer. He was cleaning the Zonnecar and ended up activating the car and taking a joyride through Tokyo, where he encountered the Red Racer. He could blast lasers from his oversized eye and create an ear-piercing 'squeaky clean' hurricane. Once he returned to his original self, he died protecting Dappu from Zelmonda.

YY Bingo
Bowzock's best racer, he was quickly killed when Green Racer tricked him into crashing his car. He had the ability of blasting energy from his horn.
YY Gonza
YY Bingo's younger brother and the second best racer of the Bowzock. He was killed by RV Robo.