He was first seen in a vision by RichiRitchihiker at the end of Episode 28. Giant dinosaur-like robot built by RichiRitchihiker in Episode 29. Braking was damaged in battle with Carrangers in the VRV Machines. It was rebuilt into new version but soon destroyed by VRV Robo in Episode 31.
Norishiron 12
Giant blue robot with bull horns, created from punch-out cardboard model by Grotch from a Space Land magazine brought by Exhaus. It was piloted by Zelmoda. Armed with chest cannons, Acceleration Device (for superspeed) and axe (Norishiron Reckless Dashing Slice). It lost an arm when Zelmoda departed without a crucial pin in place and it soon returned fully repaired. Accidentally reverted into carboard sheets from Chiipuri's youth cream. Returned as Black Norishiron Final in Episode 46.
Marine Zaboon
Blue shark-like robot issued by Exhaus. It was piloted by Grotch in its first underwater battle. In its second fight, it was remote controlled by Gynamo. It was destroyed by VRV Robo with the V Vulcan.
Sky Gigune
Red bird-like robot issued by Exhaus. It was piloted by Zonnette in Radicar convertible in its fight battle. It was remote controlled by Gynamo in its second run. It was destroyed by RV Robo with the V Bazooka.
Land Zuzoon
Gold lion-like robot issued by Exhaus, piloted by Gynamo, armed with Reckless Dash Claw. It used its tractor beam to capture Dappu, drained Dappu of his Carmagic Power until being destroyed by Carrangers in their RV Twister Cutter attack on the head and legs, avoiding where Dappu was helf in the waist.
Norishiron Extra
This was another version of the Norishiron 12 and it was unique because of its red color. It was destroyed by Sirender.