Speeder Machines
They are go-karts that the Carrangers ride around in. They dock inside the Ranger Vehicles and serve as seats for them. The Red Speeder 1 is equipped with the Speeder Gun, the Green Speeder 3 had the Speeder Missile, the Speeder Radar belongs to the Pink Speeder 5, and Yellow Speeder 4 has the Speeder Cutters, that are two sawblades. Blue Speeder 2 did not have a weapon like its counterparts.

Signalman's personal police cycle. He traveled to Earth through outer space on his Polispeeder. He can call it through his Signizer and the cycle has a will of its own. It can shoot lasers from its front. It first appears in Episode 12. Youko hooked up a Car Navick to it to take Signalman to his homeplanet.

Pegasus Thunder
The two legendary Wild Cars called the Dragon Cruiser and Pegasus Thunder, had wills of their own and roamed the universe recklessly. They bothered a star-crossed couple so much that the couple asked God to get rid of them. God confined them within a meteorite. Ritchihiker sent WW Waritcho in Episode 20 to uncover the vehicles after reading about the two. WW Waritcho got tired and sat on a box on a meteorite, accidently releasing the two cars. They traveled towards the Earth. After a rough patch and finally proving themselves to the vehicles, Naoki and Kyousuke were deemed worthy of driving them. Red and Pink ride Pegasus Thunder, which is a

Dragon Cruiser
fourth generation Chevy Camaro equipped with the Pegasus Laser.Pegasus Final Burning is its finisher attack, made up of energy blasts. Blue drives Dragon Cruiser, a jeep along with Green Racer and Yellow Racer. It is armed with the Dragon Claw winch, and Giga Booster can be mounted on top. The two cars have human qualities, for example, Dragon Cruiser has been known to shed tears from its headlights.