Auto Blaster, Accelchanger
All wield this common sidearm. The barrel can be split open to amplify blasts with ion-gathering turbines inside called the Auto Punisher. The Rangers inserted their Axle Keys into Axle Braclets to transform with Carmagic Power.

Bumper Bow, Side Knuckles, Engine Cannon, Muffler Guns, Fender Sword

All use thesed evices developed by Natsumi and Youko to fight invisible AA Abanba in Episode 21, wouldn't work until touched with Youko's tears following the capture of her friends. It is used as Navic Com scanner, Navic Shot gun (fires homing blasts), or attaches to Auto Punisher to form Navic Blaster.

(top) Navic Com Scanner
(middle) Navic Shot Gun
(bottom) Navic Blaster

Viblade swords
handle pulled to rev turbine and boost power.

Giga Formula
The give individual weapons form the Giga Formula, small car machine and they transform into Formula Nova cannon.

Giga Booster
It first debuts in Episode 26. Comes with three modes: Giga Booster: a mini-dragster, Booster Jet : it can fly and Booster Cannon : that fires plasma balls. It can also be attached on the top of the Dragon Cruiser.

SignalMan's badge, has three modes such as a recording device, Police Baton Mode and Gun Mode, in which form he usually shoots enemies in the knees to incapacitate them without using lethal force. It can also call the PoliSpeeder.

Signal Whistle
Signalman uses in the whistle to call Sirender.