The Gorotsuki of the Bowzock are chosen to find and fight the Carrangers, based on their talents. The Gorotsuki had a habit of saying their names a lot, usually having them at the end of sentences.

When defeated, the majority of the Gorotsuki ate imo-youkan, a yellow cube-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes to grow to giant size. It has to be from a store called Imocho, because if they aren't, the consumer shrinks. An expired Imo-youkan from Imocho only enlarges the consumer for a short while until they revert back to their original size.

LL Onene
Bowzock's bicycle gang leader. Tried to use special head bands to turn people into part of her bicycle gang. In battle, she wields a baton and can blast lasers from her helmeted eyeslot in the shape of the slot. She was killed by RV Robo.
PP Rappa
Bowzock's best number magician. Could play havoc with any numbers and used cardboard shapes of numbers that exploded. He was beatdown by an irate Pink Racer when she believed Rappa screwed up her scale with his magic and made her think she was fat. He was killed by RV Robo.

UU Uurin
Sent by the Bowzock to eat SignalMan when he arrived on Earth. In battle, he could blast lasers from his eyes. Defeated but not killed by the RV Robo.
Revived UU Uurin
UU Uurin was rebuilt into a second form and sprouted spikes from his body. He was killed by Sirender.

A space biker who was summoned by Zelmonda to create strong electric damage, killed by RV Robo and Sirender.
JJ Jetton
A Gorotsuki who battled using wrestling moves. Ritchhiker pretended to reform him to fool the Carrangers. He was killed by the Carrangers and Signalman.

ZZ Zeri
He is the fashion designer of the Bowzock. He sewed Anger Jackets that allowed him to control the actions of SignalMan and Sirender through a controller wielded by Ritchihiker. In battle, he could blast patchwork shaped lasers from his eyes and also bind his opponents with electrified fabric. He was killed by Sirender and RV Robo.
OO Oopa
Bowzock's best hot springs researcher. His plan was to use a beam gun that Grotch made to make the Carrangers undress and catch colds so they couldn't fight. He shot it at Natsumi but she reflected it off with her Accellular and it hit Dappu. She then took the crystal needed to power it. When he got the crystal back, she took the gun and made him loose his clothes. He could summon geyers of hot water in battle, as well as throw canteens as weapons, and breathe fire. He was killed by RV Robo.