Boso (Reckless Driving) Sentai Zokuranger
Within a Sentai series that was in of itself a parody, the Zokuranger were a parody of 'evil Sentai.' They even had their own remix of the Carranger theme. Other than SS Pamaan, the other members were made out of the Gorotsuki that have hung out in the BB Saloon for the entire series. They tossed a ball to each member like JAKQ and Kakuranger before them. Grotch gave them their own bazooka called the Zokuren Bazooka by Grotch, it was powered by Zonnette's necklace. After SS Pamaan was killed, the others continued helping out the best they could.
SS Pamaan
Bowzock's best hero researcher was leader of the Zokuranger, calling himself 'ZokuRed.' He wielded a two-laser hole gun and a sword similar to Red Racer's. He was killed by RV Robo while he was saying the name of his sword's final attack, which had a very long name.

He fought a butcher's knife hooked with a chain to a sickle and later wielded two guns similar to Blue Racer's weapon.
Originally, he was the bartender of BB Saloon. He first wielded an axe, he later fought with a musket-like cannon.

He fought with a lance-like weapon, but later with two round knives similar to Yellow Racer's weapons.
She fought with a rake originally but later fought with a bow similar to Goranger's Momo Ranger. She and Zonnette were the only female regulars in the BB Saloon.