The Gorotsuki of the Bowzock are chosen to find and fight the Carrangers, based on their talents. The Gorotsuki had a habit of saying their names a lot, usually having them at the end of sentences.

When defeated, the majority of the Gorotsuki ate imo-youkan, a yellow cube-shaped food made from jellied sweet potatoes to grow to giant size. It has to be from a store called Imocho, because if they aren't, the consumer shrinks. An expired Imo-youkan from Imocho only enlarges the consumer for a short while until they revert back to their original size.

OO Batton
This Gorotsuki was sent to distract the Carrangers by pretending to be their friend while the other Bowzocks tried to built a secret base under the city. Minoru took this personally. He was killed by Worldly Billowing-Fast Robo Special.

MM Shuurisukii
Bowzock's best auto mechanic who was looking for a magical wrench, which was owned by Yellow Racer. He managed to steal it and used it to create an awesome battle vehicle. Yellow Racer eventually gained back the wrench and destroyed the battle vehicle. He was killed by VRV Robo.
EE Musubinofu
Bowzock's best marriage master. Zelmonda wanted to cheer up his friend, Gynamo and have EE Musubinofu force Zonette into marrying Gynamo through some sort of legality. The plan backfired, and Zonette was purified soon after returning to her home planet. He could shoot arrows with a photograph in the middle, and whatever he hit fell in love with the subject of the picture. He was killed by four of VRV Fighters with the V Bazooka and V Vulcan.

SS Sutatanzo
Bowzock's best gas attendant, he was sent to use the three tanks of gasoline Exhaus gave the Bowzock to make the cars fly. He was killed by VRV Robo.
Ballinger Z
This monster never appeared in the series, but it was seen in promotional pictures fighting the VRV Fighters. Reportedly it had to be changed at the request of Dynamic Productions, owned by Go Nagai (Mazinger, Getter Robo). The costume was used for a background monster in "Power Rangers Turbo."