The Barricars are five tank-like assault vehicle fleet used by Bowzock to attack the Earth. They have appeared in Episodes 5, 25, and 33. In Episode 25, the Zokuranger piloted them.

Nyaa BarriCar
This cat-like vehicle was driven by Zelmoda in Episode 5 and 33. In Epiosde 25, it was driven by SS Pamaan. It was made to crash into a rock wall after being distracted by Red Vehicle during RV Robo's first transformation. 'Nyya' is the equivalent to our 'Meow,' the sound a cat makes. [Right]

Buhi Barricar
This pig-like vehicle was driven by a white Wumper. In ep 5, it was ran into Pao Barricar. 'Buhi' is the equivalent to our 'Oink,' the sound a pig makes. [Top Left]

Pao Barricar
This elephant-inspired vehicle was driven by a blue Wumper. In ep 5, it ran into a Buhi Barricar when Pink Vehicle split into two. [Bottom Left]

Moo Barricar
This cow-like vehicle driven by a green Wumper. It tried to scrape Red Vehicle in the Episode 5 before Blue Vehicle pushed it off. [Left]

Ziyoki Barricar
It was driven by a driven by a pink Wumper and resembles a scorpion. In the fifth episode, it was rammed in by four of the Ranger Vehicles. [Right]