Naoki Domon, Blue Racer
Full Name: Naoki Domon
Ranger Designation: Blue Racer
Weapons: Muffler Guns, Viblade sword
Gear: Accelchanger, Speeder Machine, Dragon Cruiser
Mecha: Blue Vehicle, V Police

Naoki Domon is seventeen years old, very polite, but shy car designer at Pegasus Garage. In Episode 10, he was made one of LL Onene's gang against his will with a bandana. Natsumi noticed the bandana made the person pedal to their full potential. She put the bandana on him and used him to power up his legs, on a bike carrying her and a 400 kg weight on a cart. In Episode 20, he befriended Dragon Cruiser and his determinedness to protect him, brought tears to the savage car's headlights, touching its soul. In Episode 23, his shyness was put to the test when he had to protect a princess from VV Goriin because he wanted her necklace. He couldn't be near her because he got anxious, but had to get over it and be near her. Together, they took VV Gorriin's power source, his gold medal and defeated him. He loves animals, kept the alien Beager as a pet in Episode 39. His attacks are Hairpin Kick, Hyper Hairpin Kick, and Passing Flash (blinding flash from helmet headlights).