Youkai Army Corps
The Youkai Army Corps were sealed away four-hundred years ago by the Kakurangers' ancestors. They have now changed their forms to keep up with the times. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.

The previous leader of the Youkai 400 years ago who was defeated by the ancestors of the Kakurangers long ago by being sealed away. Only appeared in the first episode.

Gasha Skull
Prince of the youkai, the son of Daimaou, Gasha Skull is a walking skeleton wearing an army helmet, half of his body is white while the other half matches his helmet and is camouflage. He takes on the guise of Young Noble Junior, a bleached blonde leather punk with a guitar. Gasha Skull was killed by Super Kakure Daishogun in episode 31, unbeknownst to him was part of Daimaou's ultimate plan.
Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling for Junior: Juniya
Myth Origin: Based on Gashadokuro which is a giant skeletons, often fifteen times taller than an average person. If a gashadokuro sees a human, it will grab it and bite its head off if it does not flee quickly. Gashadokuro are created from gathering bones from people who have died of starvation.

Translation: Great Demon King
A 1,200-year old youkai who took over as the new Youkai leader, once he was revived by his so in Episode 30, whom he later sacrificed for his own plan. He later declared the time of darkness, creating Daradara to aid him to drown the world in darkness, which was accomplished even though Daradara was destroyed. After his brother and sister were defeated, Daimaou was the only Youkai left to deal with the Kakurangers. However, Daimaou, being the embodiment of all evil and couldn't be destroyed because his influence would spread worldwide. In the finale, when he grew giant, Invincible Shogun, Tsubasamaru, Kakure Daishogun, and Ninjaman used their powers to shrink him, allowing the Kakurangers to seal him back into the cave where the other Youkai were entombed.

Skeleton Skull
Daimaou's base of operations was a giant flying skull castle with wing-like ears.

The grunts belonging to the Youkai had warped, ghost-like faces and wore light-blue tights. They were able to 'mold' themselves into human form. The Dorodoros have a fear of Nue (Episode 27 monster), as he would not hesitate to kill them if they get out of line with him.

Dr. Yugami Hagase
A youkai scientist who created replicas of Youkai monsters from kidnapped children for Tengu in episode 12. After Tengu's defeat, Yugami came under the services of Junior. He specializes in making mechanical weapons and armor for Youkai. He was killed by a slim piece of the Demon Sealing Door which was shattered by Super Kakure Dai Shogun in episode 31.

Non-Official Different Choice of Spelling: Yamanba
Appears in Episode 50 through 52. Younger sister of Daimaou, who arrived with Daidarabotchi to help her older brother out. She hates sunlight. She briefly disguised herself as an innkeeper to lure the Kakuranger into a trap. But after the death of Daidarabotchi, Daimaou's powered her up into a stronger second form near the finale using lightning and dark magic. Killed by SamuraiMan, Super Invincible Shogun, and Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: Yama-uba is the legend of the mountain crone monster, she is sometimes confused with the Yuki-onna ("snow woman") and looks like a hideous old woman in a tattered kimono. Her mouth is sometimes said to stretch the entire width of her face, and some depictions give her a second mouth at the top of her head. Yama-uba preys on travelers who have become lost in her wooded lair.

A burly robotic youkai and younger brother of Daimaou, he briefly disguised himself as an innkeeper alongside his sister. But he was killed by Super Kakure Daishogun, Invincible Shogun, and SamuraiMan as a result. All of this occured in episode 50.