Hana no Kunoichi Gumi
Translation: Flowery Kunoichi Team
Also Known as: Hanarangers or Hana Ninjas

Created from felines, Gasha Skull use them as his own personal ninja team to rival the Kakuranger. They were five cruel ninjas skilled in Ninja Magic and common with ninjas, they were masters of disguise. They debuted in Episode 8. The Three God Generals turned them back into cats during the finale. To change from their Ninja outfits to fighting suits, they call, "Battoru Henge!" (Battle Transformation!). Kunoichi are the female counterpart of the Ninja, a silent and mysterious 'Dragon lady' practitioner of Ninpo. They were later turned back into kitties.

Her uniform was Purple and her flower was the Orchid.
Her uniform was Blue and her flower was either the Iris or the Sweet Flag depending on the interperation of the translation.

Her uniform was Green and her flower is the Lotus. Some translations list it as a Water Lily but the Lotus is technically a Water Lily.
Her uniform was Orange and her flower was the Lily.

Her uniform was Pink and her flower was the Cherry Blossom. Below Ren and Suiren on a X-1 missile. They targeted Sasuke in episode 20 with it.