Youkai 2
These are the Youkai deployed by the higher up Youkai. Most have a human-form, sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces, and use ninja-magic themselves. When defeated, they are revived and enlarged by lightning made of human despair and misery. When finally destroyed, they became smoke. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.

EPISODES 10 and 34
Sasuke disguised himself as a baby in order to intercept and ultimately stop Konakijiji's wicked plan. Kakuranger ball debuted and defeated it, at least until the Invincible Shogun could finish the fight.
Myth Origin: The spirit of a baby who was left to die in the woods, it lures people who are out in the woods with the sound of its crying. If you pick the baby up, you will not be able to let go of it, and it will suddenly become so heavy that it will crush you.
EPISODES 3-4, 11, 39, 53 and movie
A gray swirly-smudgy-looking deadman youkai.
Myth Origin: Could be based on Shironeri which is an old mosquito netting that is considered a household item that comes to life for some inexplicable reason, it is part of the Tsukumogami, a sub-category to Obake, which are creatures that have changed from one form to another.

EPISODE 12 and 39
A long nosed youkai. He could resurrect the souls of fallen Youkai into the bodies of kidnapped children. He was destroyed by the Invincible Shogun's flaming sword. After he was destroyed, the revived Youkai spirits faded away and broke the spell over the children. His appearance caused the debut of the Juushou Fighters.
Myth Origin: Although they take their name from a dog-like Chinese demon, the tengu were originally thought to take the forms of birds of prey, and they are traditionally depicted with both human and avian characteristics. Also the most popular of Japanese folklore.
EPISODE 13 and 53
A golden robot youkai. In battle, he could blast giant coins at his opponents like fighting disks. First youkai to be defeated by Sasuke's Full Moon Cut. After growing he was killed by the Beast General Fighters.
Myth Origin: Spirit of money.

EPISODE 3-4, 14, 34 and 39
A furry youkai with several mask-looking heads sticking out from all over its body.
Myth Origin: Creature illustrated in Toriyama Sekien's Konjaku Hyakki Shui. It resembles a small dog covered entirely in long hair. It is also a pun, keukegen means "an unusual thing which is rarely seen".
After being beaten by Sasuke he retreated and was given extra power by Dr. Yugami. He trapped the Juushou who were freed by the Juushou Fighters. He was wiped out by Battle Saruder's fighter crash.

EPISODE 15-16, 39 and 53
Shuten Douji Brother
These two Oni were imprisoned for killing 100 youkai in a drunken stupor. But they were given their freedom by Junior on the condition that the brothers kill the Kakurangers.
EPISODE 15-16, 39 and 53
Shuten Douji Brother
Myth Origin:
The Shuten Douji is an infamous princess-kidnapping, bloodthirsty oni from Japanese folklore. Onis are hideous, gigantic demos with horns and claws.

EPISODE 15-16, 39 and 53
Shuten Douji Brothers
They were given metallic armor and weapons on battle with after becoming giant. The brothers were killed by one swipe of Invincible Shogun's Flaming Sword attack.
EPISODES 3-4, 17 and 39
A youkai who swore revenge on Saizou for the fact his ancestor chopped her arm off. She replaced it with a bladed prosthesis. Killed by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword attack.
Myth Origin: A flying snake-like animal with a bird's head and claws like a lobster's. A mischievous entity which cuts holes in mosquito nets hung up during summer nights and damaging fishing nets and laundry hung out to dry.