Youkai List 3
These are the Youkai deployed by the higher up Youkai. Most have a human-form, sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces, and use ninja-magic themselves. When defeated, they are revived and enlarged by lightning made of human despair and misery. When finally destroyed, they became smoke. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.


This youkai is actually a confused child spirit who befriended several children and eventually Jiraiya.
Myth Origin: It is said that once a zashiki-warashi inhabits a house, it brings the residence great fortune; on the other hand, should a zashiki-warashi depart, the domain soon falls into a steep decline.
He was forced by Junior to fight for the Youkai Gundan when he threatened to kill Jiraiya. However, he came to his senses and tried to help the Kakurangers, he was killed by Junior for betraying the Youkai Gundan. His death was the catalysis for the rivalry between Jiraiya and Junior.

EPISODE 19, 39 and 53
A female spider youkai who lived under the earth and trapped people in large webs. Killed by the Invincible Shogun's flaming sword attack. Her name translates to Ground or Earth Spider.
Myth Origin: A spider-limbed monster with the same name of people who lived in the Japanese Alps until the Asuka Perido. The monster appeared in Japanese folktales.
EPISODE 21 and 39
Sarugami taught the Dorodoro's how to use the five Kakurangers slash attacks, and then taught them how to use the Kakure Shoot because he could mimic the Kakuranger in battle. It took Saizou's determination to beat Sarugami on the ground, and he later finished the battle in the Battle Logan using his own fighter crash to finish off Sarugami once and for all.
Myth Origin: There is one folktale where Sarugami is a wicked monkey spirit that was defeaed by a dog. Sarugami is also the name of a patron of marriage, childbirth and fertility. Shrines are dedicated to the monkey king avatar.

EPISODE 22 and 39
A gas spraying youkai that could make people sad, happy, or angry uncontrollably. With help from some children, Seikai sucked Enraenra into a cleaning machine, it was in here he grew and engaged Invincible Shogun in battle. The Invincible Shogun's Flame General Sword missed Enraenra as he distorted himself to avoid it. With help from the earlier used cleaning machine, the Kakurangers froze Enraenra and shattered him to pieces with the Giant Kakuranger Ball.
Myth Origin: Enenra is a monster made of smoke.
EPISODE 23, 39 and 53
A youkai who intended to resurrect Daimaou. In battle, Umibouzu used anchors, swords, and depthchargers as his weapons. He was the only Youkai to stand up to the Invincible Shogun's flaming sword attack. However, Umibouzu was defeated when Tsubasamaru appeared and combined with Invincible Shogun for the first time.
Myth Origin: Umibozu is a spirit that lived in the ocean and capsize anyone's ship.

EPISODE 25 and 39
This youkai had two modern forms. He looked like a samurai-clothed warrior. When he grew, he was armed with a minigun and a blaster. He was wiped out by Super Invincible Shogun and God Saruder's twin swords attack.
Myth Origin: Ittanmomen flies through in the air and attack people by wrapping itself around their face and throat trying to suffocate them.

EPISODE 26 and 39

A cycloptic umbrella Youkai with a fish-like face. Wielded an umbrella in battle. Destroyed by Super Invincible Shogun.
Myth Origin: Kasa-Obake is a spirit of parasol are typical protrayed with one eye, a long tongue and single foot that originated from objects reaching their 100th year of existence.
EPISODE 27 - 29

Messenger and harbinger of the return of Daimaou. Killed by the Chounin Beasts and Tsubasamaru. Nue's tail could wrap around its victim.
Myth Origin: A nue usually had a monkey head, raccoon dog body, tiger legs and snake tail that can transform into a flying black cloud.