Tsuruhime, Ninja White
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Ninja White
Weapons: Kakuremaru, Kakulaser, White Beak, Kakuranger Ball
Gear: Doron Changer, Shinobi Knuckle
Special Attacks: Ninja Paper Control Art, Falling Cherry Blossom Snowstorm, Dance of the Folding Paper Crane, and Hidden Style Ku Character Slash
Special Transformations: Tsuruhime Burger
Mecha: White Kark, Battle Kark, and God Kark

Tsuruhime is the twentieth-fourth protector of the Seal Door, which held the Youkai. She is the most knowledgeable of the Youkai and their ancestors than her other team members. This 'Crane Princess' was the real leader of the Kakuranger because she had better leadership skills than Sasuke. She was in search of her missing father Hakumenrou, who happened to serve the Youkai because he was in debt to them for sparing this pupils' lives. Before becoming a Kakuranger, she fought alongside two other girls, Yukiyo & Tsukiyo, as one of the Punishment Sailor Sisters. The descendent of Shodai Tsuruhime corresponds to the "Journey to the West" character Xuanzang, the Buddhist priest. Her Ninja Magic is 'henge' which is to transform, which usually involves origami,. As Ninja White, she can disguise herself as a hamburger to fool her opponents with her 'Tsuruhime Burger technique. She also rides with Saizou in the sidecar of his Shark Launcher. After the present-time Youkai were sealed, Tsuruhime was reunited with her father.