Jiraiya, Ninja Black
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Ninja Black
Weapons: Kakuremaru, Kakulaser, Black Bow, Kakuranger Ball
Gear: Doron Changer, Shinobi Knuckle
Special Attacks: Three Kick, Kakure Style Shooting Starm Rock Crusher Transformation, Earth Hiding Art
Mecha: Black Gammer, Battle Gammer, and God Gammer

He was named after his ancestor Jiraiya, who was virtuous bandit who used magic to control a giant toad to seek vengeance for his clan's demise. Jiraiya, himself, is a Japanese-American ninja from Los Angeles. He speaks his native language, English frequently, which at first caused both teasing and confusion from the other team members. He struggles in Japanese society but loves Japanese ninja movies. He learns Japanese as their journey progresses. He was the last member to join to Kakurangers. He first acted as part of the Youkai so he could infiltrate the enemy's base to retrieve the Shinobi Scrolls that were stolen by the youkai Azukiarai, to allow him, Tsuruhime, Saizou, and Seikai to become Juushou.

His father who was a police, was killed years ago by Gali in an agreement with a Youkai to save his daughter who had been killed in a car accident. To atone for killing his father, Gali taught Jiraiya the way of ninja but when Jiraiya learns truth in present, he kills Gali in combat.He had a personal grudge against Gasha Skull/Junior for killing Zashikiwarashi, a child Yokai who befriended Junior but was eventually killed by Junior. Transformation. His ninja arts involve merging with the ground and swimming through leafs and earth. He is the pure fighter of the group although he knows Earth based ninja arts, he prefers to fight utilizing his martial art skills. He rides in the sidecar of NinjaYellow's Shark Slider. Jiraiya means 'child of thunder.' The only member with no "Journey to the West" corresponding character.