Youkai 5
These are the Youkai deployed by the higher up Youkai. Most have a human-form, sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces, and use ninja-magic themselves. When defeated, they are revived and enlarged by lightning made of human despair and misery. When finally destroyed, they became smoke. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.

Kyuubi No Kistune

Name translates to Nine-Tailed Fox. A female youkai clad in lingerie who resembles a giant fox with nine tails. Killed by SamuraiMan and Super Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: Stories depict foxes as intelligent beings that possess magical abilities that increase with their age and wisdom. Foremost among these is the ability to assume human form. While some folktales speak of Kitsune employing this ability to trick others, as foxes in folklore often do, others portray them as faithful guardians, friends, lovers, and wives.
EPISODE 41 and 53
Chouchin Kozou
Name means "Lantern Novice." A giant firebreathing Chinese lantern youkai. Killed by SamuraiMan and Super Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: Chochinobake are lantern spirits that reach the century milestone. They are typically portrayed as a paper lantern ghost with one eye, and a long tongue protruding from an open mouth.

EPISODE 42 - 44

Daimaou created this Youkai from his being. He siphoned Ninjaman's power to achieve a ninja-style form. But this was a problem when every attack inflicted on Daradara would be transferred to Ninjaman himself. Events become much worse when Daradara does the same thing to the Kakurangers, except NinjaRed. However, Daradara had a glaring weakness: He only feels pain when his Daimaou is in pain himself. Learning this, NinjaRed manages to wound Daimaou, transferring the pain to Daradara, long enough to cancel out the siphoning process. Rendered back to its original and powerless state, Daradara was easily killed by Invincible Shogun and Samuraiman. A weakened Daimaou soon retreated afterwards.

EPISODE 45 and 53
A giant centipede Youkai who battled with NinjaMan and the Kakurangers up in the snowy mountains. Seems to be clad in a football player's armor and uniform. Killed by Samuraiman and Kakure Daishogun.
EPISODE 46 and 53
A giant badger Youkai that looked like a cross between a French painter and a manga creature. Killed by Samuraiman and Super Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: The mujina of Japanese folklore is an avid shapeshifter and deceiver of humans. Primarily referring to a badger, sometimes a raccoon dog or to introduced civets.

EPISODE 47 and 53
A female youkai who is dressed in modern times like a fire chief. Killed by Super Kakure Daishogun and Samuraiman.

This youkai created two snowmen monsters to battle the Kakurangers. Her snowmen were destroyed by Invincible Shogun and Samuraiman, and she was destroyed by Kakure Dai Shogun.
Myth Origin: A Yuki-onna is a snow woman ghost that despite her inhuman beauty, her eyes can strike terror into mortals. She floats across the snow, leaving no footprints.

EPISODE 49 and 53
He turned all of the Kakuranger's weapons into worthless garbage that were unable to harm him. He was wiped out by SamuraiMan, Invincible Shogun, and Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: Based on the Japanese god of poverty, it doesn't help the poor, it makes you poor. Deathwatch beetles clicking is a warning sign he is with you.
His name translates as 'Piggyback Ghost,' he is a powerful Youkai that was sealed in a temple away from the other Youkai by the ancient Kakurangers. Buldont brought him in for a contest he and his father were having to see who can kill the Ohrangers first. In a duel with Bara Gear, he piloted Ohblocker while Bara Gear piloted Ohranger Robo. Onbu-Obake could enlarge himself to the size of the Robos on his own. Onbu-Obake had a fetish for young, pretty girls, whom he would abduct to take their souls with a few licks from his extendable tongue. His human guise was a clown and his powers include possession and absorption attacks. He scared Gunmajin away by showing him his spiritual form. After Buldont and Bacchus made a truce, Onbu-Obake and Bara Gear merged to form Onbu-Gear, who was soon destroyed by Ohranger Robo, Ohblocker, Red Puncher and Tackleboy.