Doron Changer
Each Kakuranger had a henshin device that held their individual coins. The transformation call was "Super Change, Doron Changer!" In the final episode, the Doron Changers were used to seal Youkai once again behind the Seal Door.

Each Kakuranger carried a Kakuremaru sword in a hostler on their backs. They are the swords passed down from their ancestors that change form whenever the Kakurangers transform. Each Kakuranger performed their own individual special attack with these swords. The rangers' primary team attack, Lightning Wave, involved all five rangers crossing their swords in mid-air, which sent a powerful blast that destroys a Youkai.

Kakulaser / Laser Knife
Each Kakuranger carried a laser gun than could be transformed into a knife.

Shinobi Knuckle
Each Kakuranger had their own gauntlet that they attached to their individual weapons and could also use to increase their punching power and were used as grappling device as well.

White Beak
Ninja White's weapon of choice that resembles a fork and is worn on the wrist.
Yellow Claw
Ninja Yellow's retractable claw weapon that is also hand-held.

Red Slicer
Ninja Red's first personal weapon was much like a boomerang, shield and throwing disc.

Black Bow
Ninja Black's hand-held miniature crossbow weapon.

Blue Shot
Ninja Blue's personal hand-held water spray gun unit.

Thundercalp Sword Hikarimaru
A short sword given to Sasuke by Sandayuu in episode 31. It can perform the finishing attack Hidden Style Thunder Cut. It was also used to summon Tsubasamaru.

Kakuranger Ball
A football that changed colors depending on the Kakuranger that held it. It was used for 'Kakure Shoot', the team's second finishing move. It is a football that is passed from member to member and finally kicked into the Youkai.