Youkai Movie Monsters

Hitotsume Kozou
The eldest brother and his brother Oonyuudou's bidding and they stole a important statue from a child's home, cursing them.
Myth Origin: Based on the Hitotsume-kozo, they are roughly the size of children, but otherwise resemble bald Buddhist priests. They have a single giant eye peering from the center of their face, content to run about frightening human beings or telling loud people to be quiet.
Hitotsume Kozou
The younger brother, he is much more mischievous and energetic. They chould open portals to other dimensions and trick the rangers.

A giant elephant youkai with many arms that relayed orders to the Hitotsume Kozou from his lair. Killed by Invincible Shogun after using his own shrink spell against him.