Kyodai Juushou
Translation: Giant Beast Generals
After Sandayuu gave Sasuke his Makimono scroll, he was able to transform into one of the Kyodai Juushou. After Jiraiya retrieved the remaining four Makimono from the custody of the Youkai, all five of the Kakurangers had the ability to transform into Kyodai Juushou. Using the scrolls, the command is 'Kakureryuu Kyodai Juushou no Jutsu' (Hidden Style Art of the Giant Beast General). By combining, they were able to awaken the first God General.

White Kark
Height: 30 m
Weight: 1000 tons
NinjaWhite's Juushou form, armed with the twin Kark Beaks which are very similar to NinjaWhite's main weapon. Forms Muteki Shogun's left arm. The name 'Kark' is a pun on the Japanese word for crane.
Red Saruder
Height: 35 m
Weight: 1500 tons
NinjaRed's Juushou form, armed with the Saruder Slicer which similar to NinjaRed's weapon. With it, he can perform a finishing attack by hurling it and slicing the enemy in half with its sharp blade-like sides. Forms the body of Muteki Shogun and stored the helmet. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for monkey.

Black Gammer
Height: 32 m
Weight: 1800 tons
Juushou's Beast General form, armed with the Gammer Bow. Black Gammer can perform the 'Kakureryuu Ninpo Suna Arashi,' a type of dust cloud. Forms Muteki Shogun's left leg. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for toad.
Blue Logan
Height: 31 m
Weight: 1200 tons
NinjaBlue's Juushou form, armed with the Logan Shaft, which is the only weapon that is not similar to the Kakuranger's personal weapon. Forms Muteki Shogun's right arm. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for wolf.
Yellow Kumard
Height: 32 m
Weight: 1800 tons
NinjaYellow's Juushou form, armed with the Kumard Claw, which can be used to entangle and grab enemies. It can perform the 'Kakureryuu Ninpo Kaen Rin' (Hidden Style Ninja Magic Flaming Ring), a hoop of fire. Forms Muteki Shogun's right leg. Its name is a pun on the Japanese word for bear.

Invincible Shogun
Height: 56 m
Weight: 7300 tons
The first of the God Generals to be awakened. The Giant Juushou combine into Muteki Shogun by the command "Ninja Fusion!" The Juushou's group attacks include the Vacuum Hurricane and Hidden Style: Secret, Big Bang. The Invicible God is armed with the mighty Flaming Shogun Sword, which can defeat nearly any Youkai with its flaming blade and had a hilt which resembled a piranha. The sword can also be shrunk to human size for the Kakurangers to use in desperate situations. The "Shinobi" kanji medal on his chest can deflect certain youkai attacks. One of the Muteki Shogun's attacks is the Shogun Flower Spray. Muteki Shogun's head resembles an origami crane. It hibernates as the Wind Illusion Castle. Invincible Shogun's power helped to power up GaoKing in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai'.