Giant Juushou and the Juushou Fighters.

Wind Illusion Castle
The three god generals or the Sanshinshou are sentient mecha and mentors of the Kakurangers. Invincible Shogun hibernates as the Wind Illusion Castle. The Kakuranger's ancestors also appeared from the castle in the beginning of the series to give the Kakurangers their Doron Changers. Inside the castle is a stone altar of the Sanshinshou, the source of the Generals voices.

Shinobi Scrolls
The Shinobi Scrolls pretty much all the Kakurangers' techniques and powers. Seen above, it includes the Shark Machines, the three General Gods, Kakuranger Ball and even the Nekomaru. When the Kakuranger found the scrolls, they were able to call forth and pilot the mighty Chounin Beasts.