Sasuke, Ninja Red
Full Name: Unknown
Ranger Designation: Ninja Red
Weapons: Kakuremaru, Kakulaser, Red Slicer, Kakuranger Ball, Hikarimaru
Gear: Doron Changer, Shinobi Knuckle, Shark Bleeder
Special Attacks: Kakure Full Moon Slash, Hidden Style Thunderclap Cut, Fire Whirl Art, Bunshin Techinque
Special Transformations: Jet Transformation, Fire Extinguisher Transformation
Mecha: Red Saruder, Battle Saruder, and God Saruder

Sasuke is the named after his ancestor Sarutobi Sasuke, the legendary demon-hunting ninja of the Sanada Ten Braves, who was dispatched by Sandayuu who later trains the Kakuranger. He is the most agile member of the team and a reckless young man who is willing to rush his comrades into battle rashly. This doesn't deter him much because doesn't reflect on his errors. Despite this flaw, he is good-hearted and loyal. No matter how great the enemy, he won't budge. Sometimes he takes on many foes alone. He loves fireworks. He corresponds to the Journey to the West character Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. As Ninja Red, he performs the Bunshin Techinque which he can multiple himself from one strand of his own hair. 'Bunshin' means t'o clone'.