Youkai 1
These are the Youkai deployed by the higher up Youkai. Most have a human-form, sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces, and use ninja-magic themselves. When defeated, they are revived and enlarged by lightning made of human despair and misery. When finally destroyed, they became smoke. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.

EPISODE 1-2, 12, 39 and 53
Rokurokubi's husband, he is the youkai that tricked Sasuke and Saizou into accidentally releasing the seal on the youkai's prison. He was killed by Red Saruder's Saruder Slicer alongside Rokurokubi. A replica of him was made in Episode 12.
Myth Origin: Kappa is a famous folklore of a water imp often resembling a frog humanoid.
EPISODES 1-2, 39, and 53
Kappa's wife, posed as a young woman in glasses who used an arcade building as a front to capture young boys, Sekai among them. While she could extend her neck to great distances, in her true form her octopus-like head can detach from her body. She attempted to chase after Nekomaru, catching up to it in vain. Her head was enlarged with Kappa to fight Red Saurder, while her body fought the ninjas. The body was destroyed by Ninja White, while her head was destroyed in the explosion brought by Kappa's death.
Myth Origin: In Japanese folklore, Rokurokubi resemble humans and can stretch their necks at night. They cna also scare humans by changing their faces and are practical jokers.

EPISODES 3, 12, 39, and 52
A chariot Youkai who evolved into a taxi in modern times. He was eventually destroyed by the Juushous' "Vacuum Hurricane" finishing attack. This youkai caused the debut of the Kakuranger's cycles. A replica of him was made in Episode 12.
Myth Origin: A ghostly oxcart chariot with the face of its driver.
EPISODES 1, 3-4, 12, 34, 39, and 53
A garbage-based youkai. He was able to trap the Juushou inside of his interdimensional garbage can, but they broke free. He also wielded a sword. He was the first Youkai of this generation to be destroyed by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword. A replica of him was made in Episode 12.
Myth Origin: A ghostly monster usually near a river amuses itself by singing and drowns its victims in the water.

EPISODE 1, 5-6, 12, 34 and 39
A brick-wall youkai.
Myth Origin: A spirit that manifests as a wall that misdirects or hinders walkers at night. Trying to go around the Nurikabe is gutile as it extends itself forever. Knocking on the lower part of the wall makes it vanish.
This youkai gained a second form in modern times. He was destroyed by the Shark Driver attack. A replica of this form was made in Episode 12.

EPISODE 1, 5-6, 12, 39 and 53
Nurikabe's brother, this youkai had the ability to release countless beams as well as confuse and disorient opponents with his many eyes. He was destroyed by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword. A replica of him was made in Episode 12.
Myth Origin: According to Japanese mythology, it is a spirit that lives in torn Shoji (sliding paper walls) that can make people blind when they see it, it has many holes and many eyes. The only way to remove the spirit is to patch up the holes on the wall.
EPISODE 7, 39 and 53
A larged mouthed-Youkai with a big appetite. He wielded a giant knife and fork-like weapons. Shrunk to the size of a fly and took residence in Sekai's stomach until Sekai was able to control himself and lure Gakitsuki out of him. Killed by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword.
Myth Origin: Based on Gaki, which is a spirit of jealously or greed that cursed people with an insatiable hunger for a particular substance as punishment for their vices. Traditionally the substance could be something humilating but in most recent legends, it can be bascially anything.

A white cat-based Youkai in appearance with a busty yellow chest. Killed by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword.
Myth Origin: A cat that gains supernatural abilities by reaching a certain age, kept for a long time, grown to a certain size or allowed to keep a long tail. The Bakeneko means ghost or monster cat, it throws ghostly fireballs and haunts households it was kept in. The supersitition may originate from Japanese Bobtail breeding.
EPISODES 3-4, 9, 39, and movie
A cauliflower-like fame-driven youkai who wanted to be on TV. Doratabou demanded a match against Jiriya, after being beaten several times he grew, only to be wiped out by Invincible Shogun's flaming sword.
Myth Origin: A mud spirit that emerges from rice paddies' murky mud and while not completelty dangerous, his appearance of aged, bald and apparently blind in one eye, it frightened people.