Sandayuu Momochi
He is a legendary ninja master with unlimited magical powers, once employed the original Sauke, instructs Kakurangers on their abilities. He is considered dangerous by the youkai. Sandayuu gave the Kakurangers their Nekomaru and Hikarimaru. He also rode on a cloud. He was stabbed to death with his own sword by Gasha Skull as Junior.

He is a myserious armored man, first appeared in episode 31, who happened to be Tsuruhime's father. The Kakuranger believed he was on the Youkai's side. He actually had no choice but to serve Daimaou because he was in debt to him so his pupils' lives could have been spared. He wasn't loyal because he wanted to find out Daimaou's weakness. When he did found out, he was turned to stone by the Daimaou. Yamauba, Daimaou's sister, tried to use Hakamenrou to her advantage, but he was restored by the series' end and reunited with his daughter.

Tarou and Jirou
Twin ninja who served Tsuruhime's father Hakamenrou and accompanied him to stop Daimaou years ago, but they were captured. Tsuruhime's father had to exchange his life to serve Daimaou in order to spare their lives. Unfortunately, the two of them were turned into dogs. They posed as pets to Bun. The two eventually returned the favor to their master by sacrificing themselves to free Hakamenrou.

Punishment Sailor Sisters
A fighting trio once composed of Tsuruhime and her friends Yukiyo, and Tsukiyo. They often said the phrase, "In the name of heaven, we will punish you!" Yukiyo was armed with red clubs, Tsukiyo hadblue ribbon, and Tsuruhime had a pink ball.

A Youkai who despises the Youkai way and has been helping Hakamenrou, who was the one who freed Bun. He has two German-Shepards who used to be Hakamenrou's protectors. The Kakuranger found it suspicious that Bun, who seemed to be an average small boy, knew so much about the youkai Dara Dara.

When not exactly an ally, he was the one who trained Jiraiya in the way of the ninja. Gali had an agreement with a Youkai to save his daughter who had been killed in a car accident. He had to kill Jiraiya's father, a police officer. To atone for killing Jiraiya's father, Gali taught the young American. Gali was armed with a hand-held finger claw, which Jiraiya used to kill him once he learned the truth. Jiraiya buried Gali with a cross made out of two tree branches on the bottom of a hill.