Youkai List 4
These are the Youkai deployed by the higher up Youkai. Most have a human-form, sometimes distinguished with bizarre markings on their faces, and use ninja-magic themselves. When defeated, they are revived and enlarged by lightning made of human despair and misery. When finally destroyed, they became smoke. Youkai is similar to the word Yokai which are demons of Japanese folklore, each of these monsters are based on one.

EPISODE 32, 39 and 53
A youkai who stole a person's face by licking their face. Killed by Super Kakure Daishogun.
Myth Origin: An animated lump of decaying human fles.
EPISODE 33 and 39
A youkai who resembles a combination of an elf and mushrooms. He has the infinity symbol on his forehead and chest. He was destroyed by God Saruder's double sword attack.
Myth Origin: Amanojaku is a demon-like creature thought to be able to provoke a person's darkest desires.

EPISODE 34, 39 and 53
Sunakaje Babaa
A busty female youkai, her name translated means "Hag of Sand Grains" or "Sand Grain Witch". She used her sand to poison people' food, making anything they try to eat turn into sand. Saizou tricked her into revealing where she kept the urn that held her sand (in her breasts) and then destroyed it with the Square Formation slash. Babaa was finished off by Kakure Daishogun's Tekken God Finish.
Myth Origin: Sunakake-baba throws sand at travellers, which of course flies in their faces and blinds them, while she chuckles about it and disappears. It seems that she does not like to be seen, but doesn't mean to cause any lasting harm to anyone.
EPISODE 36, 39 and 53
A youkai sent to capture the urn that held Ninjaman. But NinjaMan was released, therefore Bakuki transported him to his illusionary domain of flames and a red sky. He made the mistake of enraging Ninjaman. He was killed by Samuraiman and Super Kakure Daishogun.

EPISODE 35 and 39
His weasel youkai could supposedly move at such a tremendous speed, it could create the illusion of duplicates of itself. After being beat down by the Punishment Sisters, Kamaitachi was destroyed single handedly by Tsuruhime. He worked with the Hana Rangers.
Myth Origin: There are several conceptions of how it looked like or operated, but the most common is one of a trio of weasels with sharp claws, riding on a gust of wind and cutting peoples' skin on the legs. According to this interpretation, the first weasel knocked the unsuspecting victim down, the second cut the victim's flesh and the third applied medication to the wounds, so that at the time the victim realised what was happening they were left only with painful wounds that weren't bleeding.

EPISODE 37, 39 and 53
She carries around an umbrella with her. She captured Saizou and Seikai and forced them to dance with the Dorodoros. With a little help from Hakumenrou and Ninjaman her spell was undone. She grew with Daimaou, however, Super Invincible Shogun saw Daimaou off, while Kakure Daishogun and SamuraiMan finished Karakasa off.
She is also known as the Chinese Umbrella Queen. She has a friendly human face and a fiendish demon face.
Myth Origin: Karakasa is probably a female version of Kasa Obake, or Kasabake. Kasa Obake legend is also known as Karakasa.

EPISODE 38, 39 and 53
His name means "Ox Ogre". He resembles a poncho-clad bullfighter. He was wounded by Kakure Daishogun and finished off by Samuraiman's Samurai Javelin.
Myth Origin: Ushi-Oni or Gyuki is a horned bovine monster that is celebrated like on Chinese New Year celebration on Ehime Prefecture's festival Ushi-oni-matsuri held in July.
EPISODE 39 and 53
He was first defeated by Sasuke's Shark Driver attack, but was sewn back together by Dorodoros and given upgrades by Daimaou. Sasuke took him down again with the Thunderclap Sword. Nopperabou grew and Sasuke used his Bunshin technique to pilot God Saruder, Battle Saruder, and Red Saruder. Even this wasn't enough to defeat Noppera-bo, so Super Kakure Daishogun and SamuraiMan came into the fray. Nopperabou was broken into pieces by the Tekken Flying Finish and Samurai Raging Bomber, however Samuraiman kept a piece of Nopperabou trapped under his foot. When Nopperabou reformed, his stomach was absent due to Samuraiman's trickery, Nopperabou couldn't completely reform and simply ceased to be.
Myth Origin: Usually mistakened for a badger, Noppera-bo is a faceless ghost that frighten people, some believe human spirits disguised themselves as a scary form.