Chounin Beasts
After finding the Shinobi Scrolls, which hold many of the Kakurangers' techniques and powers, the Kakurangers were able to call forth and pilot the mighty Chounin Beasts. These mighty creatures are called forth using the Scrolls of Shinobi and the command "Hidden Style: Chounin Beast Jutsu!" Although very powerful as separate fighting units, the Beasts can combine to become the last of the God Generals.

God Kark
Width: 15.6 m
Length: 21 m
Weight: 600 tons
Piloted by NinjaWhite, this fast-flying crane blasts at enemies with the powerful double laser called the Flying Beam. Forms Kakure Daishogun's head.
God Saruder
Height: 31.5 m
Weight: 1300 tons
Piloted by NinjaRed, wields the Saruder Double Swords that can be stored on God Saruder's back and be connected together into a javelin-like weapon to slash at the enemy with the power of lightning. Forms Kakure Daishogun's right arm. Helped out in 'Gaoranger vs. Super Sentai'.

God Gammer
Height: 31 m
Weight: 2000 tons
Piloted by NinjaBlack, it emits a streaming flame from its mouth called the Gammer Fire. He performs Gammer Dynamite, in which he extends his tongue and release several smaller versions of itself to cover the Youkai and electrocute it. It forms Kakure Daishogun's legs.
God Logan
Height: 39 m
Weight: 1300 tons
Piloted by NinjaBlue, able to fire beams from his eyes and performs the Logan Attack, a jumping slash from his sharp tail. God Logan is also able to travel at very high speeds, making it seem as if to teleport. It forms Kakure Daishogun's left arm.
God Kumard
Height: 30 m
Weight: 2000 tons
Piloted by NinjaYellow, armed with eye beams and Stomp Attack, in which it stands up and stomps on the Youkai. It forms the torso of Kakure Daishogun.

Kakure Daishogun
Translation: Hidden Commander-in-Chief
Height: 58 m
Weight: 7200 tons
The last God General to be discovered, Kakure Daishogun is composed of the five Chounin Beasts formed from the "Five-God Fusion" command. With the right arm it can perform the God Hammer Punch, and with the left arm it can perform the God Burst Chop. The Iron Fist God Finish is performed when the two attacks are done after the other.