Movie/Special Torinoids

She is an torinoid assissian sent to kill Princess Freesia. She had six categories which were fireworks, bikini, beans, bee with honey, aubergine and venus flytrap. Aubergine is a plat seed. Her full name is Hekisaido Hanabinkibinasu. Hekisaido means six in greek. Emiri is happy to point this out in the movie. The bulbs on her neck light up in sequence and so do the three colors on her headdress. At night, her headdress and chest glowed. Rije was quite upset with Mikera that she was destroyed, he explained it was because of the switch from 3 to 6.
Attacks: Bikini Beam gives her victims beams like the guys as well.
Venus Scattershot turned Emiri into a stone statue.
Aubergine bomb causes an explosion.
Multiplying Bee made a hundred copies of Ranru but they were uncontrollable, they had erractic personalites.
Shrinking Bee is when one of the bees of her swarms of bees stings you and you shrink. This happened to Sanjou. He 'chibi transformed' and injected himself in Ranru's Abalaser and destroyed her from within. He returned to his normal size.

Alternate Spelling: Garubidi
He led the Abaranger, especially Ryouga in charging the Bakulaser with his personal dino guts. With it, he could control the evil Bakuryuu. AbareKiller tried to get him on his side and he refused. When the Abaranger transformed, his horns and talons extended. He even had Wolverine-like claws. His belief was that destiny led to destruction, that the two evil bakureno had to do its purpose. Voffa made a monster but it was way too late, it was at the very end.

English translation: AeroIvySkunk
Type: Torinoid
Creation of Mikela
Animal part: Skunk
Plant part: Pointsetta
Mechanical part: Missle Launcher
In this special cd with booklet, the Abaranger gang goes to Haiwaii and are attacked by Jeanne and this torinoid.