Ranru (AbareBlue
Full Name: Ranru Itsuki
Ranger Designation: AbareYellow
Age: 20
Bakuryuu: Pteranadon
Weapon: PteraDaggers

20 year-old Ranru knows a lot about mechanics and bomb technology. She is able create devices and is considered a genius in mechanics. She owns a German motorcycle, the BD-1, she nicknamed the birdie. All she really wants is peace. At first we met her, we saw her on bicycle and she bravely stopped a purse snatcher (who was on a motorcycle) by racing toward him. He stopped due to fear and she saved the purse. She then heard the call Ryoga, Yukito, Sugishita, and Emiri heard. When Asuka, Sugishita, and Emiri were under attack by the three Bakuryuu after their transformation failed, Ranru came running in her bicycle and swiped the dino bracelet off Emiri. She and Yukito got stepped on by the Bakuryuu. They lifted up the feet when they were transformed. Pteranadon got loose from the evil control and changed from pale yellow to bright yellow.

She was once trained to be an idol, but Ranru hated it and left it to work in the mechanical field. Ranru used to be afraid of natto (a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans) until she was forced to overcome the fear during a Trinoid fight. Ranru carries around with her a small camera and usually snaps photos of ta foe during mid-battle, in order to come up with a plan to defeat it. She sometimes has an itchy back and often wants others to scratch it for her. In the finale, Ranru goes to work at a racetrack.