Height: 49 meter
Width: 26.2 meter
Weight: 3700 ton
Combination of Bakuryuu Stegosraidon and Top Galer. Killeroh is equipped with the Gale Spear. First appears in episode 20. "BakuRyuu Hissatsu Death Stinger" is when the Gale Spear is directed towards and shots at the enemy like a bow and arrow. AbareKiller uses the Wing Pentact in the cockpit to draw items or attacks from KillerOh's chest.

Killero"Abare Mode"
In episode 20, AbareKiller infuses his DinoGuts into Killero, making the claws and Stego Tail grow.
"Fillet Striker" - jumping in the air to gain speed, and then grinding the enemy with Stego's Tail spikes.
"BakuRyuu Hissatsu Death Combustion" - The Living Electromagnetism inside Killero is overconcentrated in it's mouth and pushed out as an overly powerful shockwave.

Bakikeonagrus and Dimenokodon can combine with Killeroh to give it access to the Killer PakiPaki Punch and Killer Cross Thunder attacks. First appears in episode 23.