Named after famous symphonies.

Inochino tree is the tree that bears the fruits of life. It brings life to Mikera's Trinoids, and Voffa's Giganoids. The fruits Bo are taken from the tree, are thrown into the monster before it is born, then when it dies it allows it to grow bigger, this only counts for Torinoids.

Mame: Fate
Extended Name: Giganoid Dai Ichiban Unmei
Type: Giganoid 1
Giganoid 1: Fate (5)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 47 m
Weight: 4550 t
Skill: Teleport of destiny
Demise: Stabbed by Abareno's drill

Name: Hero
Type: Giganoid 2
Giganoid 2: Eroica (8)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 44m
Weight: 2,980tons
Shooting skill: Guaranty combition kick and twin galaxy slash (with its blade)
Children know this hero, this Giganoid takes its form.

EPISODE 12 - 13
Name: Tokei (Clock)
Type: Giganoid 3
Giganoid 3: Clock (12 & 13)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 46 meters
Weight: 3860 tons
Skill: Time slipper - Arrow beam
Body of a clock.

Japanese name: Fukkatsu
English translation: Resurrection
Type: Giganoid 4
Giganoid 4: Resurrection (14)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 45.5 meters
Weight: 3910 tons
Special skill: Desert Storm Missle; It discharges fossilization gas from its mouth and creates sandstorm that fossilizes whatever is around. City and forest instantly changes into a desert.

The Hunter
Type: Giganoid 5
Giganoid 5: The Hunt (19 & 20)
Height: 45. 2 meters
Weight: 3570 tons
Creation of Voffa

The Hunter raised his power thanks to "hunting second movement". His left arm has become a cannon and the right arm is a machine gun.

Name: From the New World
Type: Giganoid 7
Giganoid 7: From The New World (24)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 43. 5m
Weight: 3985t

Name: Jupiter
Type: Giganoid 8
Giganoid 8: Jupiter (34)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 44.4 M
Weight: 3990 tons
Sea Urchin and Fence Plug
The teeth of its chest clutch around a planet Jupiter model. Evolian is written on its side.

Name: Miracle
Type: Giganoid 9
Giganoid 9: Miracle (36 & 43)
Creation of Voffa
Height: 47. 5m
Weight: 4, 650t
It has a eye beam and it is something to do with miracles.

Name: Tragic
Type: Giganoid 10
Giganoid 10: Tragic (37 & 43)
Height: 47. 4m
Weight: 4, 580t
Attack: Tragic smoke
This giganoid hypnotizes parents to abandon their responsibilities.