Ryouga (AbareRed
Full Name: Ryouga Hakua
Ranger Designation: AbareRed
Age: 22
Bakuryuus: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stryacosaurus
Weapon: Tyranno Rod

Ryouga The very optimistic and enthusiastic leader, he is certified environment protection navigator in the United Sates. He can be overly confident at times, but that does not prevent other people from loving him for his extremely good nature. He is unable to hate anyone. At first we meet him, the 22 year-old is sleeping during the dino attack. People were evacuating the building. He ran out and saw the Tyrannosaurus. He took his niece Mia, who he has guardianship of after his brother and sister-in-law died and they ran out for safety. He carried Mia on his back. They saw a dog who was in danger. Ryoga went to save the dog and got attacked by the T-rex. He heard a calling like Ranru, Yukito, Sugishita, and Emiri. Building debris fell on him and he was hospitalized. He shook in bed hearing the call. His spirit floats out of his body and falls into the city making a bright white light. He spun and then he woke up. He runs out an emergency door at the hospital and finds the T-rex outside.

He tried to reason with it. Yukito threw the red Dino Bracelet to him and it conveniently landed on his wrist. Gairudon blasted him with electric energy before he can transform and he fell off the building. T-rex caught him with his mouth. Instead of following Gairudon's command, he swiped him off and became red. A bright glow shined out of his mouth and revealed AbareRed. Ryouga does his best to raise and take care of little mia. He eventually gained the power to become AbareMax. After the finale battle, he returned to United States, and travels across the country along with Mia. He later returned to fight alongside the Dekaranger in 'Dekaranger vs. Abaranger.'