Asuka (AbareBlack
Full Name: Asuka
Ranger Designation: AbareBlack
Bakuryuus: Brachiosaurus, Bakikeonagrus, Dimenokodon, Parasarokkiru, Ankylobeirusu
Weapon: DinoThruster

Asuka is a warrior from the planet Dino Earth, he has a sad past that no one initially knew about. He is the last of his people, the RyuuJin. When first we saw him, he was running in the desert of Dino Earth and fought off Barmia Hei with his Road Raptor. His Dino Harp was damaged, so he couldn't transform. He followed the Evorian to our dimension. He had a rough ride to our world, harshly landing on a building roof. There he tried to calm down the three Bakuryuus (who were running a rampage in Tokyo) but they wouldn't listen because they were under the control of Gairudon. He brought the Dino Bracelets and gave them to Emiri and Ryuunosuke firstly, but they didn't take. Luckily, three Abaranger were selected to save the day and tamed the Bakuryuu.

Asuka gets his power back in episode 8 .He lost his first couple of battles as he couldn't use his Dino Guts correctly, until his true sense of justice awakened. Due to his gentle personality, he often holds back during battles. On our dimension, the Another World, he uses the surname of "Ono." In the past, It seems wearing the Cused Armor sent Asuka attacking his own people. He forgot them because of amnesia. He is a blunt person and a fish out of water in our world. The Evorian took over more than the Bakuryuu in his world, also his commander. His commander was Mahoro, a woman he loved and who happens to now be Jannu. Jannu killed Gairudon and fought in his armor. She told Asuka that Mahoro no longer exists. She is now the Evorian wearing that body. Asuka has shown enormous amounts of power, as he has been able even of defeating a Giganoid and an Killer Ghost Two World.

He seems to die with Jannu in the Barugigenia when it self-destructs in Episode 32. Bracchio comes up from the water so he can feel his tears for the Bakuryuu's lost friend. He didn't really die. Asuka wore the Cursed Armor to save Mahoro from Jannu. Asuka's soul is stuck to the armor. We see him in episode 35. He reveals himself to the others in episode 38. To release Asuka from the armor, it needs to be hit by good and evil powers at the same time. Mahoro went to AbareKiller as Jannu and convinced him to help her. They destroyed the armor. In the finale Asuka and Mahoro named their new child Mikoto, after Abarekiller, and returned to Dino Earth with his family and the Bakuryuu.

He was transported to our dimension in 'Dekaranger vs. Abaranger' when Kasumi, now an infant, Kasumi kissed him, sensing danger. He helped his teammates and Dekaranger and aided by a temporarly resurrected Mikoto. Mikoto asked Asuka to greet his daughter. They later was visited by his wife Mahoro and Kasumi. In 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai,' Asuka contacted Eiji from Dino Earth, telling him he would be late in helping him and other veteran Sentai Warriors save the Boukenger because he was doing chores. He was seen with an infant strapped to his back, his Road Raptor and Brachio. He ultimately helped save the day, transferring his 'Passionate Spirit' to AkaRed to power DaiVoyager.