They come from the planet Dino Ground. When we saw the three Bakuryuu, they were attacking Tokyo. They were a dark chartreuse and under the control of Gairudon. They stepped by Ranru and Yukito but their feet were lifted up by the newly transformed Yellow and Blue. The first to be lured back to the good side were the Triceratops and Pteranadon. They fought aganist Tyrannosaurus. Ryoga was in the hospital. He ran out to be in the middle of the action and was given his Dino Bracelet. He was shot down off the buidling but fell in T-rex's mouth. T-rex was turned and saved the day. They often spoke or chimed in to the Abaranger through their braces.

BakuRyuu Tyrannosaurus
Nickname: "Tyranno"
Total length: 66 m
Total height: 38 m
Full-width: 24 m
Weight: 2,800 t
Size of foot: 17 m
Maximum traveling speed: 320km/ H
Ranger: Abared
When Tyranno, Kera, and Ptera cross to our dimension, they rampaged Tokyo until their rightful owners tamed them. He is the strongest of the three Bakuryuus. His jaws, strength and sharp claws make him a tough opponent, but his drilling tail is his greatest weapon. Although wise, he has a short fuse when it comes to Ryouga. He shows sympathy towards Mai because he lost his wife and only child on Dino Earth to the Evolian. He understands the feelings of a father and he constantly pushes Ryouga up to be a good father figure for Mai. In the finale, Tyranno jokingly said to Ryouga that if he and Mai are not happy, he'd come back and get him. He tends to ends his sentences with the word 'Tera.'

Bakuryuu Triceratops
Nickname: "Kera"
Total length: 37 m
Total height: 14.5 m
Full-width: 10. 5 m
Weight: 1,100 t
Size of foot: 3.9 m
Maximum traveling speed: 200km/ H
Ranger: AbareBlue
Kera can take a great deal of punishment from an opponent, since he is the armored one. He seems strong enough to topple every building in downtown Japan. Kera is actually the youngest of the three Bakkuryuu, as his voice sounds like a Japanese pre-teen. In Episode 36, he wished to become human and suddenly became a little boy, the transformation later revealed to be caused by an angel much to God's dismay. He fell in love with a woman, but sacrificed his human life to turn back into his normal form in order to protect Yukito. In the finale, Kera said to thank Yukito for everything. He ends his sentences with the word 'Kera.'

Bakuryuu Pteranadon
Nickname: "Ptera"
Total length: 20.2 m
Total height: 15.8 m
Full-width: 8.7 m
Wing spand: 35 m
Weight: 600 t
Size of foot: 6.8 m
The highest flying speed: Mach 1.2
Ranger: AbareYellow
She is the fastest of the three Bakuryuu, she can reach speeds of Mach 1.2 and higher. She can send effective shockwaves on any enemy with her mouth. A kind and sweet Bakuyryuu. In the finale, Ptera said to Ranru to find a nice boyfriend. She ends her sentences with the word "Pura".

Bakuryuu Brachiosaurs
Nickname: "Brachio"
Weight: 9000 tons
Total length: 129.5 meters
Total height: 112 meters
Full-width: 73 m
Size of foot: 11.6 m
Maximum traveling speed: 160 kilometer/H
Installed capacity: 3,000 ten thousand horsepower
Ranger: AbareBlack
He appears in the end of Episode 1, came in slowly from a horizon at night. He is a calm creature who doesn't like to fight. Bracchio was the only one that wasn't under the control of the Evorian because he was already bonded with Asuka. His capsule broke when he arrived on Another Earth, and as soon as he recovered, he went searching for Asuka. Inside its body, there are capsules for the other Bakuryuu to reside in. He is wise and always resites rousing poetic speeches when called for help. He hangs out at the bottom of the Tokyo Bay. He recites rousing poetic speeches (actually puns on select Toei hero songs) when heading into battle. There's some indication that he may be the eldest and wisest of the Bakuryuus. He ends his sentences with the word 'Bura'. He made a brief cameo in 'Boukenger vs. Super Sentai.'

Bakuryu Tamago
The egg where Bakikeonagrus will are hatched from, appears in Episode 5.

Bakuryuu Bakikeonagrus
Pun Explanation: Pakikero Knuckles
Dinosaur: Pachycephalosaurus
Nickname: Baki
Combo Designation: Left Arm
Weight: 1200 tons
Total length: 41.5 meters
Ranger: AbareBlack
The English pronunciation of the dinosaur is Pachycephalosaurus. Born as a very lovely baby Bakuuryuu in Episode 7. Once hatched, he remained at DinoHouse until he grew large enough in Episode 9 to be placed in Brachio with the others. His personality is quite kiddish similar to Kera. It gives Abareno a punching action, calling it AbarenoKnuckle. In the finale, Baki said to Mai that he's happy that she's so close with her 'dad' Ryouga, and to be good to him.

Bakuryuu Dimenokodon
Pun Explanation: Dime Spin Don
Dinosaur: Dimetrodon
Nickname: Dime
Combo Designation: Right arm
Weight: 1000 tons
Total length: 38.2 meters
Ranger: AbareBlack
The English pronunciation of the dinosaur is Dimetrodon. He was laid hidden in Kyoto's Kansai district. Under a spell, he destroyed everything in its path and fought Tyranno. It asked Asuka for forgiveness and then snapped out of it. First appeared in Episode 12. He has a tendency to be goofy and a bit laidback. He loves the music of Asuka's Dino Harmonica. In the finale, Dime said to Ryuunosuke to take care and to always be healthy.

Bakuryuu Stegosraidon
Pun Explanation: stegs-ride-on
Dinosaur: Stegosaurus
Nickname: Stego
Combo Designation: Feet
Weight: 1500 tons
Total length: 45.6 meters
Ranger: AbareBlue, AbareKiller
The English pronunciation of the dinosaur is Stegosaurus. First appeared in Episode 16. The blade attached to its back can become a sword. When it becomes a foot it has a roller condition, it runs at speed of 10 times. It later merges with Top Galer to form Killeroh. AbareKiller steals him in Episode 20, by mind control. After awaking with his own willpower and it separated KillerOh in the process. Stego left only to return to AbareKiller's side by his own will so he could fight at his full potential. Stego seemed to be the only one to really care about Mikoto's life, aside from Lije/Lijewel. His personality is almost similar to Ptera, but he can be a dunce like Dime from time to time. In the finale, Stego asked Yatsudenwani why he was still on Earth.

Bakuryuu Parasarokkiru
Pun Explanation: parasaro - kiru (cut)
Combo Designation: Left Arm
Dinosaur: Parasaurolophus
Nickname: Para
Weight: 1200 tons
Total length: 43.5 meters
Ranger: AbareBlack
The English pronunciation of the dinosaur is Parasaurolophus. First appeared in Episode 19. He speaks with a Spanish accent, as was living in the Juan Fernández Islands, where he learned to speak Spanish. Until he sniffed Asuka's scent, he arrived on Japan. He's an avid piano player. In the finale, he said to Emiri to not lose her cheerfulness.

Bakuryuu Ankylobeirusu
Pun Explanation: ankylo-veil (shield)-us
Dinosaur: Ankylosaurus
Nickname: Ankylo
Combo Designation: Right Arm
Weight: 1150 tons
Total length: 43 meters
Ranger: AbareBlack
The English pronunciation of the dinosaur is Ankylosaurus. First appeared in Episode 21. A petulant Ankylosaurus often admits her lack of trust in the Abarangers, though still comes out to help when needed. When she first contacted the Abarangers, she started them on a wild goose chase saying she was in the city, the beach and then the farm. She was only found by accident and preferred to live a quiet life, until Asuka convinced her otherwise. In the finale, Kylo noted that Yatsudenwani was an interesting fellow.

Top Galer
Dinosaur: Tupuxuara
Nickname: 'Gela,' 'Top'
Length: 45.4 meter
Height: 36.7 meter
Wing spand: 76 meter
Weight: 2200 ton
Speed: Mach 20
Ranger: AbareKiller
He was sealed for destroying a major DinoEarth city in just one night. It was sealed by the Ryuu Jin, but somehow fled into the dimensional wormhole when the Evorian went through. He was found and released by AbareKiller, whom he partnered with. The egg appears in Episode 18 and hatched in Episode 19. He often employs his great speed in battle, which has been clocked at an astounding Mach 20. He calls Mikoto "human", as a sign of the no-affection relationship between both. His personality is a hardcore loner like his master. He died along with AbareKiller near the finale, but returned in 'Dekaranger vs. Abaranger' and combined with AbarenOh to become Killer AbarenOh. TopGaler has the nickname Gela, though the nickname was never used on-screen. However, AbareKiller once did call him Top.

Bakuryuu Stryacosaurus
Dinosaur: Stryacosaurus
Nickname: "Styraco"
Ranger: AbareMax, AbareBlack
The Dino Guts of AbareMax along with his StyraRazor awoke Styraco and the DinoCarry in Episode 32. His main attack is Fireball Crash alongside with AbareMax. Two of its attacks are Max Crusher and Max Thunder Spark, while its finisher is the Blastasaur Max Shoulder Attack. Sometimes AbareBlack will pilot MaxOhja, along with piloting MaxRyuuOh, whenever AbareMax can't do it.

Alternate Spelling: Carnoryuutasu
Dinosaur: Carnotaurus

Dinosaur: Chasmosaurus

According to Dino Earth legend, these 'horrible' bakuryuu buried everything in snow. Fifteen thousand years ago, her soul was put in the Bakulaser and sealed the two bakuryuu. They were frozen in ice on an island and must never escape because they would condemn the planet to another ice age. The Evorian brought with them the iceberg a few years ago to our dimension and because of that, they have awoken. Carnoryutus and Chasmosealdon swam all the way to Earth causing ravage. The other bakuryuu were defiantly scared of them and fought them. Carnoryutus had the power to freeze things and froze Paki, Dime, Para, and Ankylo. They were destroyed by all the Bakuryuu collectively. Appears in the movie only. Bakureno appears in an episode.

Bakuryuu Firenokodon
A special mail-in CD episode like the Gaoranger GaoPanda. It takes place when the abaranger are vacationing in Hawaii. They accidentaly find a cave drawing that Asuka identifies as the legendary BakuRyuu, Firenokodon. AbareKiller gets interested, and wants the Bakuryuu. Asuka needs to ignite the other BakuRyuu in flame with Dino Thruster's Fire Inferno from so they can combine with Firenokodon. Combined with Abareno, it makes AbarenohNokodonFire.