Bakuryu Gattai Abarenoh
Weight: 4500 tons
Total length: 46 meters
Maximum traveling speed: 250 kilometer/H
Shoulder length: 34.7 m
Chest width: 26 m
Installed capacity: 2,200 ten thousand horsepower
The Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl combine to create the Abarenoh. The Abarenoh is equipped with a vast array of weaponry; including the Bakuryuu Dengeki (lightning) Drill Spin, the Tricera Punch, and the Ptera Cutter. Formed in Episode 2.

Control Kukan
The cockpit of Abareno. These round orbs are the control panels for the bionic systems. Then they join together in the massive conjoined brain of the three.

Abareno can also form without the Pterazord, this combination was created by Ryouga in episode 14.

"Bakuryuu Dengeki Drill Spin" which is when the Tyranno Tail spins at full speed like a drill. Dengeki means lighting. "Bakuryuu Fire Burst" comes from the Tyranno mouth. "Salmon Hunter" involves Tyranno Tail being pulled back and swung like a fishing pole.

Combination of Bakuryuu Bakikeonagrus, Pteranadon, and Tyrannosaurus. Appears in Episode 9. The Bakikeonagrus can replace Triceratops on Abarenoh to enable it to perform the Bakuryuu Hissastu Paki Paki Punch which knocks the enemy with this super powerful punch attack. Hissastu means mortal. First appears in episode 9.

Dimenokodon replaces the right arm to allow the Abareno to perform the Bakuryuu Hissastu Crossing Thunder attack. The circular saw of the left arm is rotated quickly, and then the monster is slashed in the cross-like pattern. First appears in episode 12.

The Abareno can ride the Stegosraidon to give it the ability to surf the waves and utilize the Stego Attack which involves Hitting a monster with Stego's moving spike-like plates while riding a wave. Bakuryuu Hissatsu (shooting) Slider Attack is when a wave accelerates the Abareno's jumpwith the Drill Spin attack. First appears in episode 16.

Parasarokkiru can replace the right arm to give Abareno access to the Choki Choki Scissors attack. The scissors chops the enemy. First appears in episode 19.

Ankylobeirusu can replace the Triceratops to allow Abareno become Abarenoveilus. Attacks include the Veil Blocker in which the shield unit spins to deflect enemy attacks and BakuRyuu Hissatsu Double Tornado which uses Tyranno Tail and the Ankylo Tail as drills to form a double strike. First appears in episode 21.

Parasarokkiru and Ankylobeirusu can replace the Tyranno Tail and Triceratops to allow Abareno access to both the Choki Choki Scissors and the Ankylo Drill.

Combination of Bakuryuu Tyrannosaurus, Pteranodon, Triceratops, and Firenokodon. Their attack BakuRyuu Hissastu Burning Thunder was used to beat AeroIvySkunk. This happens in a special mail-in CD.