Yukito (AbareYellow
Full Name: Yukito Sanjyou
Ranger Designation: AbareBlue
Age: 21
Bakuryuus: Triceratops, Stegosraidon
Weapon: Tricera Bunker

He's a charismatic, but anti-social Chiropractor, making about 400 million yen annually. He can help with any kind of injury and will charge outrageously high prices for doing it. He is cold on the outside, but has a heart on the inside, even though he never really revealed his true feelings. If he does not get paid or if he logically thinks that it is not possible to do, he won't do it. He thinks volunteering is for mere self-satisfaction. Interacting with Ryouga will probably make him a warmer person.

At first we met him, he was 21 years-old and causing much pain to a woman. He was actually giving her a session of chiropracting. She felt better afterwards and he was happy with his money. He then heard the same call Ryoga, Ranru, Sugishita, and Emiri heard. When Asuka, Sugishita, and Emiri were under attack by the three Bakuryuu after their transformation failed, Yukito came racing in his expensive car and swiped the dino bracelet off Sugishita. He and Ranru got stepped on by the Bakuryuu. They lifted up the feet when they were transformed. The Triceratops got loose from the evil control and changed from pale yellow to blue.

He even asked Asuka for U.S. $400,000,000 in order to assume his role as AbareBlue. In response, Asuka actually accepted--probably part of his nativity. He promised to save and pay Yukito, much to his surprise. Yukito chose to move into the Dino House with the others to avoid having to commute from the area where he lives. When Yukito was young, his father tried to inherit him into taking over the Sanjou Corporation for the future. Yukito was forced to study daily and was to never have a break. Yukito was not even allowed to have any friends. When Yukito was in junior high, his father paid Yukito's girlfriend to move away. Yukito never forgave him for that and claimed that he hated him, but he actually harbored a self-loathing for a long time. After the final battle, Yukito returned to his chiropractor business. 'Dekaranger vs. Abaranger' seems to imply that Yukito is in a relationship with Emi ri.