Dino Bracelet
They each have their own indepedent transformation device. The Dino Plate are models of the Bakuryuu heads and speak for the Bakuryuu. They actually talk, their mouths move. “BakuRyuu Change” to transform. The other Bakuryuu (such as Bakikeonagrus, Dimecodon, Parasarokkiru, etc.) have Dino Plates and the Abaranger can switch their plate to speak to them.

Abareizar (Aba Laser)
Their individual weapon that they share in common. In gun mode, it discharges an energy bullet which can penetrate a concrete of a 1m thickness. In sword mode, it can slice a 50cm iron prop.

Tricera Bunker, Tyranno Rod, and Ptera Daggers
The Abaranger'sindividual weapons. The Abaranger's buckles glow a bright light and the weapons appeared. The weapon's mouth roar like the dinosaurs.

Dino Bomber
Combination of the three basic weapons. Hissatsu Dino Dynamite - Finishing move that brings a large blast that grounds the enemy. Riding Dynamite - While riding on a RideRaptor at 150km/hour. It is effective on monsters that can fly away. The blast combines the DinoGuts of the RideRaptor and the Abaranger.

Attack Bandit Resistance Suit (Abare Suit)
It might seem like an ordinary cloth at first glance but neither a bullet nor a weapon can penetrate the fabric. Not even radiation and heat can damage. Even if a missile goes through, the suits absorbs ninety percent of the impact.

Abare Mode
Their suit markings pop out as armor plating when they are in battle. The spikes come out of their boots as well. When they do power up, their visor roars. AbareBlack's appears first.

Dino Guts
From genesis, the ground has been concealed with spiritual energy. This power has raised to a greater extent in the process of evolution. Creatures (such as the Bakuryuus) have reached the point of evolution that they can attach the powerful spiritual energy wave to themselves. This is Dino Guts.

Shared Abilities
Dino Kick Enemy is defeated by several kicks, such as roundhouse and jumping kick. It has the destructive power of 6 ton.
Dino Punch An overly powerful straight punch that overwhelms a weakened enemy. It has the destructive power of 6 ton.
Dino Jump A powerful kick and jump are released using the acceleration of a high jump. They can jump up 20 meters.
Dino Dash At full speed like the Bakuryuu, the enemy can be chased. The speed is 150 km/hour.
Dino Fly Whirls high and rises, letting out a fast jump attack. Speed per hour 300 km/hour.
Flying Dash Flies through the sky, repels the enemy with a direct attack.

Dino Commander and Dino Harp
AbaBlack's brace resembling a Brachiosaurus' head, it is gold and black with red buttons. The harp is much like a harmonica. It is damaged in the first episode and this is probably what causes a fight between Asuka and the Brachiosaurus. He gets his powers back in Episode 8.

Dino Thruster
Fire Inferno: AbareBlack hits the Fire Mode Dial on his weapon, thrusts it into the ground, and a pillar of flame appears burns the enemy by englufing it in fire.

Splash Inferno: He hits the Splash Mode Dial, thrusts it into the ground, a column of water appears, and then the enemy is surrounded in a flood.

Storm Inferno: He hits the Storm Mode Dial, thrusts it into the ground, a gust appears, and the enemy is blown away.

Grand Inferno: His finisher, he hits the Grand Mode Dial, a crack in the ground will appear and enemy is dropped into the crack.

DinoThruster Circle Moon: The DinoThruster is moved around in a circle to create a fake moon and launching the moon at the enemy. The sharp shining moon flies around and cuts off the body of the enemy. It is like a boomerang when this happens.
Dino Thruster Head Crash: Striking the enemy in the head with the DinoThruster

Super Dino Bomber
Combination of the DinoBomber and the DinoThruster. Super Dino Dynamite is a beam that is shot containing all four Abaranger energies.

Dino Minder
Abarekiller's henshin device which Top Galer or Stegosraidon would use to communicate to him from.

Wing Pentact
Abarekiller's weapon has three modes: Pen Mode, Baton Mode, and Sword Mode. Tact means Baton. He writes his name in the air with it and calls upon small arrows to attack his opponent.

All five Ranger weapons; the Tricera Bunker, Tyranno Rod, Ptera Daggers, Dino Thruster and Wing Pentact can combine to form the ultimate weapon. It fires a super blast of energy at its oponents.

Appears only in Abaranger Deluxe. Referred to as the 'Sword of the Seal' in the legend. Princess Freesia had half of the Bakulaser in her possession and needed to find the other piece. The other piece was excavated by humans and put in a museum. Ryouga and Freesia sneak in and steal it. He uses his dino guts to merge it together. Garuvuidei used it to form the Bakureno and piloted it until it was destroyed. The Bakulaser returned to Ryouga's possession and it gained the Abaranger emblem. The real Freesia was embedded in the weapon because she used her soul to seal the bakuryuu.