StyraRazor that brings forth Styracosaurus arrives in episode 31. The three Abaranger poured their dinoguts into the Styrarazor. All of their collected powers create this powerup for Abarered. With the sacrifice of power, AbareBlue and AbareYellow become weaker. AbareMax creates a dimension called the Max Field.

In episode 31, Asuka sees the location of this weapon in his dream. It was on Earth, it still hasn't been explained how it got there. The Abaranger put their dinoguts in the weapon and it turned from white to red. Abared transforms into Abaremax. Weilding this weapon AbareMax can perform the MaxDynamite, in which he pulls the enemy into another dimension, and hacks them to pieces.

The Dino Bracelet converted to gold for AbareMax.