The Dinosaur house Cafe
Japanese-style tea drinking place owned by Sugishita.

The cafe transforms into a secret base.

Ryuunosuke Sugishita
Father figure. At first we saw him, he was in a crowd admiring the attacking Bakuryuus and he heard a call. It was also heard by Ryoga, Ranru, Yukito and Emiri heard. The next day he went racing on his motorcycle to to find the source. He almost hit Imanaka. They met Asuka and they were recruited to be Abaranger. He was given the blue Dino Bracelet but the power rejected him. They actually had a transformation sequence but when it came to the helmet, the sequence failed. He almost became AbareBlue. He is 63 and manages "The Dinosaur."

Emiri Imanaka
A teenage girl fashion student. First time we see her, she is watching a news report on her colorful television about the attacking Bakuryuu and she is drying her hair with a pink blow dyer. She heard the same call the others heard. The next day she went racing on her sliding scooter to find the source. She and the scooter tripped on a rock and fell to the floor, almost getting hit by Sugishita and his motorcycle. She meets Asuka and he recruited her. She was given the yellow Dino Bracelet but the power rejected her. She almost became AbareYellow but still is a fan of the Abaranger.
Emiri has always made efforts to become an Abaranger. One time she had a wish... but she misprounced 'pink' and became a pig. When her just-as-eccentric parents came to visit in episode 38, she made her own suit and posed as AbarePink.

Mai Hakua
Ryoga's brother and sister-in-law passed away, leaving behind their daughter, Mai. Starting at the end of episode 39, Kasumi chooses Mai to be the only one to see her. In episode 41, a virus transforms human people into Barmia and Mai was infected as well. Kasumi warns the Abaranger that the Barmia around are Mai's friends.

A regular customer at the Dinosaur and loves to eat Calais. The gang hides their identities from him.

It is believed she is Rije's good spirit, since the Evorian is in control of the mind and the actual spirit can't enter the body. She only helps Asuka and Jeanne. She states she has no memories but yet she can help others remember things. First glimpse in Episode 12, hinting on things. Episode 29 hints something stronger, perhaps that she is daughter of Asuka and Mahoro. At the end of Episode 39, only Mai can see her.

Like her love, Asuka is a Ryuu Jin from Dino Earth. She was in a higher rank than Asuka. They fought side by side and were promised to each other. She was secretly pregnant with Asuka's child, Kasumi. She and her brother Mizuho went to fight Dezumorzorlya and she got captured in the process. Dezumozorlya sent his demon seed through her to create Rije. Mahoro became Jannu, well Jannu wore her body. Jannu killed Mizuho when he was Gairudon. Jannu did alot of devastating things. In episode 32, to save Mahoro, Asuka donned the legendary armor (the one Gairudon wore and Asuka wore before that and killed many) and she was let go. Mahoro and Asuka were together when the Barugigenia ship self-distructed up.

Everyone thought Asuka was dead. Mahoro then stumbled into our heroes and spent time with them at the Dinosaur Cafe. Then Mahoro knew Asuka was alive and communicated through the white lines on their faced referred to as cheek organs. In episode 40, she went undercover as Jannu to the Evorian to save Asuka from the armor. The only way to destroy the armor is to hit it at once with good and evil power. She convinced AbareKiller and destoryed the armor. She was still undercover as Jannu to thrawt Dezumozorlya's plans. She found out that Rijewel and Mikoto are Dezumozorlya's heirs and they are both halfs of him. They needed to bind to make him corporeal.

Princess Freesia
Appears in the Abaranger Deluxe. When the gang are having a fun summer party at the beach, she appears in front of Ryouga and HanaBinkiVenus literally drops from the sky to capture her. There is a great myth through the Ryuu Jin in Dino Earth that a princess guards the two evil bakuryuu on an arctic island. Asuka was surprised that the legend he grew up with was true. Bakulaser had been broken in half. The other piece was excavated by humans and put in a museum. Ryouga and Freesia sneak in and steal it. He uses his dino guts to merge it together. Turns out she really was Garuvuidei in disguise and used the fully formed bakulaser to call upon the bakuryuu. The real Freesia was inside of Bakulaser and wasn't able to come out. She also expressed affection for Ryouga. She commended the Abaranger for their battle for good and went off with the Bakulaser.

Akugaru Kenja
Appears in a flashback at the beginning of the movie Abaranger Deluxe. He raised Asuka and the other Ryuu Jin as children on stories of the legendary Princess and the frozen Bakuryu.