JaMeiTai (Evil-Fate-Body)
The traditional monsters came a bit later in this series than the recent years. There is Mikela's Torinoids and Voffa's Giganoids. The Giganoids are named after classic symphonies. Later on, when Abare Killer becomes the leader of the Evorian, he gets powers from Dezumozorlya to create Killer Ghost. Rijewel brought back Killer Ghost and upgraded it and its species type is a Rijewroido.

Killer Ghost EPISODE 30
Killer Ghost
Creation of AbareKiller
Height: 271cm
Weight: 353kg
Attack: Jet killer thunder
The powerful hell flame comes from his stomach.

Killer Ghost Two World EPISODE 40
Killer Ghost Two World
Creation of Riguru
Height: 271cm
Weight: 350kg
Type: Rijewroido
An upgrade of Killer Ghost with the truth of self life. Its wing draws out a destructive power preeminent punch. Its final attack is "jet killer thunder" that can shatter any rock into dust.

Giganoid 11 EPISODE 42-43
Name: Immortality
Type: Giganoid 11
Height: 44.5 m
Weight: 3600 tons
Skills: Eternal Archery
Designed after KillerOh's data. Mikela and Voffa trick Mikoto into thinking they made a "Killer" Giganoid for him to control, since Stego and TopGaler deserted him in ep 42 for different reasons. It was a trap for Mikoto to draw out the Dezumoryla inside him. Fusing with the tree of life, to scatter the Evorian onto the world. The bow can be used as a boomerang.