Mikoto (AbareKiller
Full Name: Mikoto Nakadai
Ranger Designation: AbareKiller
Bakuryuus: Top Galer, Stegosraidon
Weapon: Wing Pentact

Mikoto is a brilliant American-trained doctor who was bored with his life until the he witnessed the Bakuryuu attacking the city while under Evolian influence, caring for an injured Ryouga in the aftermath. He was introduced in Episode 17. But the new found excitement of destruction was halted when the Abarangers arrived. Mikoto got a thrill out of it and he dubbed the trio as his 'dull goodies.' With the destruction of the first Anamolicarus, Mikoto found both the DinoMinder and TopGaler's egg. The DinoMinder was in fact aboard the Anomalocaris. Mikoto left his profession to start up his 'game.' He has been observing the team for sometime now, while he mastering the DinoMinder. He came to the non-healthy conclusion that it be fun to fight against the heroes, thus naming himself AbareKiller. He transforms in Episode 18. The Killer suit is known as "Zerogo". The suit is said to be a flawed prototype compared to the Abaranger suits because it can self-destruct sometime soon.

The fact that he will explode and that power will take out the city it doesn't seem to phase him. It actually made things more exciting in 'his game.' He fought the Abarangers, using their stolen DinoGuts to revive his partner TopGaler before recruiting Stego to their cause. In Episode 29, he even assumed leadership over the villains at Lije's request. He wears Asuka's Dino Harp around his neck taunting the Abaranger in episode 33. His evil tendencies come from the fact he is the indirect demon seed of Dezumorlya by evolution. This was discovered after fighting the Killer Giganoid with the Abaranger. This also caused Mikoto's horrible childhood. Dezumorlya originally divided himself into the two earths and has to heirs (Rijewel and Mikoto) which have his evolutionary essence in them. However, Mikoto, furious that he was someone else's pawn, decides to refocus his game on the Evolians. He has only has a few transformations left in the Dino Minder before it blows up, but the reason the Dino Minder hadn't exploded yet was because the Dezumozorlya within him has been keeping it at bay.

Eventually the Dezu spirit (the Wicked Life) will come out of Mikoto. By episode 42, Mikoto needs help now, he is feeling bad. Stegosraidon has grown to care for Mikoto and went to our heroes for help. Soon after Dezumozorlya was removed from him, his Dino Minder was set to explode the next time he transformed. When Dino Minder began to self-destruct, he and TopGaler flew away from the Earth and both died in the explosion. In 'Dekaranger VS Abaranger,' he was revived by SaunaEelGingko's power and helped the Abaranger and Dekaranger for a short time. As he vanished after the enemy was defeated, he told Asuka to give Kasumi his regards.