Evil Electric Kingdom Nejirejia

Alternate Spelling: Nejiregia
The Nejirejia comprised of one from our dimension and artificial intellegence powered by invaders from another Dimension controled by the mysterious Javious. 'Neji' means twisting or contorted in Japanese. They are stationed in the Gran Nejiros fortress.

Evil Electric King Javious the First
He only appears as an eyeball through the viewscreen of the Gran Nejiros. He is the one tha toriginates from the other dimension. Javious was connected to the Nejiranger without him knowing and when they were destroyed by the Megaranger, it killed him. Javious was actually nucleus of Nejirejia itself and it faded away upon his death. Only Javious' heart remained, which Hinelar used to power his Hinelar City.

Dr. Hinelar
He used to be the cybernetic scientist Dr. Samejima. He did studies on space exploring suits and lost his beloved daughter in one of this experiments, severely harming his reputation and scarring him forever. Five years ago prior to the Nejirejia attacks, he worked with Kubota Eikichi of INET on an inter-dimensional project and Samejima was sucked into it. He ended up in Nejirejia and became the leader second to Javious. Hinelar later ploted and successfully killed Javious through the Nejirangers, to become the new high leader of the Nejirejia. After the destruction of Javious, the nejire dimension closed causing Hinelar build his Hinelar City where he intended to condense all humankind into data cards.

Soon after Shibolena's demise and the destruction of his City, Hinelar gained a new form to combat the Megaranger himself. However the device that kept his body from warping onto itself, which was a side effect from being in Nejirejia, was damaged. He retreated into the Gran Nejiros and transformed it into Death Nejiro to pilot it. When the Death Nejiro exploded during the Mega Voyager's sacrifice, Hinelar, still inside while trying to will his body from collapsing onto itself, was killed.

Alternate Spelling: Shiborena Shiboru means to wring or to squeeze in Japanese. A cybernetic robot modeled after Hinelar's long dead daughter. She was the Staff Officer. As opposed to Yugande's brute force moto, Shibolena was had more thought and planning to her plans. She often disguised herself. Shibolena casts the incarnation used to create new Nejire Beasts by saying 'Nejirero, Hinekurero, Nejirero, Hinekureno / Ware wa motome, uttaer! over the evil magic circular hole called the Nejire Mahoujin from where they were born. She was killed near the finale by MegaRed while protecting Yugande.

Yugande is a robot general created by Hinelar whom he admires and unconditionally obeys. He fights with a long sword that can fire blasts of powerful energy. He can duplicate himself to attack, detach his head and fight separately from it, and enlarge himself to giant size at will. Yugande was destroyed by the Galaxy Mega once in episode 8, but soon after was revived in a stronger form with powerful new energy coursing through his body in epsiode 13.

Yugande Strong
Later he was critically wounded when Guirail used him as a shield to protect him from the Super Galaxy Mega's Super Galaxy Knuckle. Yugande had to be modified with various mechanical implants placed on him in order to survive, and was given a new sword called the Dark Crisis (above). Dark Crisis has three buttons on the handle, which each activate a different attack: the Dark Blade, a boomerang-shaped energy blade; the Dark Fire, a blast of flame; and the Dark Lightning, an electrical attack.
Super Warrior Yugande
Near the finale, Yugande uses a special chip to take on a more powerful form and his current body turned red, Super Warrior Yugande. With this new power, Yugande proved to be a difficult challenge for the Megarangers, as he destroyed the Delta Mega, badly damaged the Galaxy Mega and Mega Winger and nearly destroyed the Voyager Machines when he damaged the INET moonbase. However, the Neji Reactor within him reached to a critical point and MegaRed was able to kill Yugande for good this time.

Gireeru is a pun of kireru, which means 'to cut'. He was assigned by Javious in episode 19 to be the new commander in Dr. Hinelar's place to oversee the conquering of Earth. Guirail used methods entirely different from Hinelar, such as using children as human shields to prevent the Megarangers from fighting back. Guirail could move at blurring speeds, and could warp space around him to teleport rapidly from one place to another. He fought with a short dagger that could elongate into a full-sized sword. He also performed strange experiments on the Nejire Beasts, such as creating clones of Moray Nejire.
Giga Guirail
He merged with Yugande by parasitizing into him to become Giga Guirail. When the Super Galaxy Mega used its Super Galaxy Knuckle attack, Guirail cancelled out the fusion to use Yugande as a shield to protect himself. An angry Dr. Hinelar tricked Guirail into taking the NejiGen Capsule pill that gave him tremendous power but didn't bother to tell him that it would rob him of his sanity and mind.
Mad Guirail
Guirail mutated into an insane beast called Mad Guirail, who was so powerful that the Super Galaxy Mega was no match for it, having survived its new Big Bang Attack, and upon full power, only caused him to break off a piece of his body that formed into Gigire. The Megarangers were able to escape to the INET moonbase on the Delta Mega where Yuusaku gave them the Voyager Machines. In the end, Gigire, and later Mad Guirail, were the first two to be killed by the Mega Voyager jn episode 32.

Alternate Spelling: Beebeedeebee, Bibidibi
A small hyperactive creature that Hinelar modified to make the Nejire Beasts grow by injecting them the Enlarging Virus. He has the ability of flight and appears when he is called. He apparently died in the Gran Nejiros when it was destroyed by Mega Voyager's suicide attempt to stop Hinelar once and far all. But not before he teleported Hizumina out of the giant robot.

The Nejire foot soldiers have twisted faces and wield twisted blades. Briefly invaded earth and took the form of various humans. The Kunekunes survived after becoming the King Kunekune, but have not been seen since the finale after the Gran Nejiros exploded.

Boss Kunekune
It was revealed in epsiode 14 to be led by their own Boss Kunekune who later combined with all the other Kunekune to become a giant monster, King Kunekune. When Boss Kunekune was destroyed by the Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle, the King Kunekune disassembled and was destroyed as well.
Master Kunekune
Giant monster formed by an army of Kunekune piling together, with Boss Kunekune as its heart. Could close wounds by more Kunekune simply swarming over the gaps. Was disassembled by Galaxy Mega with the Booster Rifle.

The last of Hinelar's creations and Shibolena's 'younger sister' in 'Gingaman vs. Megaranger'. An exact replica of Shibolena, except has a purple shell. She secretly wished to revive Hinelar having grown to miss him with Shibolena's memories, but was betrayed by Gregory when she did her part in reviving the Balban space pirates. She was soon ultimately killed by Kenta.