Mega Winger
The Mega Winger was created by MegaSilver himself, Yuusaku who piloted it. It deployed from INET's base in the moon in Flyer Mode that reached speeds of 100 km/hour.

Fighter Mode
Height: 58 m
Width: 27 m
Weight: 30000 tons
Power Output: 5500
With the command "Blitzkrieg Transformation, the undercarriage forms the lower legs and the "nose" becomes the arms with the inside parts spinning to become the forearms, revealing the head. Its Mega Wing would be lent to the Mega Voyager to make Wing Mega Voyager.

Wing Cannon
Mega Winger's main weapon was the Winger Cannon, which required both hands to operate.

Wing Mega Voyager
Mega Voyager gains flight capabilities when it combines with the Mega Winger's wings. It could perform the Winger Spartan, in which the Voyager Spartan shot in midair.