Professor Eikichi Kubota
He is in charge of the Megaranger program and chief of INET (International Network of Excel-Science and Technology), he marketed the Megaranger video game to find five candidates to be Megaranger. A surprise attack forced him to give Digitizers to five students in the INET building and then sent them to the orbital Megaship. He once worked with Dr. Samejima who later became Dr. Hinelar of the Nejirejia.

The Carranger came to the Megaranger's school in search of Picot, a wish-granting space alien driven by the readings on their Navic Com. When Kyousuke found it, he asked for katsudon. They then ran off with Picot and were followed by the Megaranger. When Crab Nejire attacked them at the Pegasus Garage, the Carranger and Megaranger discovered their identities and banded together to fight those that would try to use Picot for evil such as the space biker Helmedor and the Nejire. Shiborena used her evil kiss to control the Carranger and have them fight against the Megaranger. It was with Dappu's uruging that the Megaranger blasted the Carranger to snap them out of the mind-washing. The Carranger wanted the Megaranger to fufill their dreams and graduated, they defeated their enemies together.

In 'Megaranger vs Carranger,' Picot is a dragon-like fairy who traveled from planet to planet, granting five wishes on each planet no matter who made the wish. The wishes he granted where to Miku for a giant cake, Kyosuke for katsudon, Helmedor for a giant planet destroying laser cannon, Crab Nejire to revive the fallen Psycho Nejilars, and Kenta for the energy to keep fighting, which granted the Megarangers the Mega Tector armor. At the end,
he coninued on his journey.

The Gingaman assisted in defeating Dr. Hinelar's last project Hizumina and Prince Gregory in 'Gingaman vs Megaranger'.